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  • It’s been ~10 days since I’ve installed the plugin, with no outbound clicks having been tracked.

    Specifically, I want to track internal affiliate links which redirect to external sites. So I installed Scott Nelle’s “Simple 301 Redirects” plugin to set those up, like ->

    Here’s a screenshot of how I configured the “Internal Links To Track As Outbound” section:

    I search for “/outbound/” (as Joost says to) in my Content Drilldown in GA, but it shows nothing.

    What am I doing wrong? I appreciate any help!

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  • I did the same thing, /out/ and aff instead of affiliate for the label.

    I know I’m getting outbound clicks on the links, it may be the nature of the links which are either tied to Skimlinks, eBay, or Amazon.

    Not sure what else I can do or how to set this up for each of the above affiliates I wish to track. Only out bound clicks are coming from links I set up with the link directed to Amazon.

    The eBay and Amazon links are through an API, that may be the problem.

    Maybe we need to use the contact form at and see if we get a reply.

    It’s a free plugin but there is a support button, hopefully someone knowledgeable comes along with answers. Once I get this working I’m prepared to also hit the Yoast donate button.

    There is no free lunch, IMHO. I don’t expect one. 😉

    I agree, Don. It’d be worth something to get it working.

    The Yoast contact form won’t work for plugins even though there’s a Plugins option. Joost says higher up on the page he only has it there to filter out plugin-related emails to delete. So looks like we’re on our own. :-/

    Thanks for responding. I have searched and searched, read and read for ways to actually set up Google Analytics to track affiliate links including Skimlinks, Amazon, and eBay amongst others with a WP plugin(s).

    Plenty of people have sites throwing in their two-cents but never really get down to the nitty-gritty if doing it. Yes, Yoasts plugin is always mentioned and the addition of other plugins to work with it such as “Pretty Links” or “Simple URLs” but it seems to me they want to to isolate each outgoing affiliate link specifically to set it up.

    This links are always changing and depending on how many you have it’s impossible to do it that way. And there is no way to capture affiliate outbound URLs without actually clicking the link, which is against all Terms and Services for any reputable affiliate program.

    In essence I would like to track affiliate links the way GA tracks Adsense clicks. That, of course is built in by Google, so how do we do the same for everyone else. That is the question.

    And without getting a Phd in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.

    So far the Yoast plugin is not capturing a thing yet I know product affiliate links are getting clicked by checking my Skimlinks account, EPN or Amazon.

    The issue is analyzing the clicks the way you can do with Adsense and setting up the correct event tracking and goals. I even have a book, “Advanced Web Metrics – Google Analytics” but now Google has changed the GA interface, although you can revert to the old version, but not set it. The new interface comes up with each login and it presents a new learning curve to find events and custom variable.

    Yowza, you’ve really gone the distance researching this Don. I’m amazed there hasn’t been a simple solution so far, since — on the surface at least — it doesn’t seem like a Hard Problem.

    Since my blog isn’t making much money after all, I’ve put this issue farther down the priority list. But it’d sure be great for the plugin to work anyway danggit.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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