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  • cs00102


    Hi All,
    I’m bit of a newbie with WordPress..apologizes if I seem ignorant. I’ve installed my google analytics plugin onto my wordpress site, which appears under my Plugins tab and settings tab in wordpress. I’ve set up a google account and pasted my web property ID into the wordpress google analytics plugin settings page. When I access my google analytics page, I see a warning symbol underneath the status heading..and i have no activity on my site, not sure what I’m doing wrong?
    Any help would be much appreciated..
    thanks for reading,

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  • Kailash


    If you have just added the plugin and created your Google Analytics account then you may not get stats for your web site. It takes around 24 hours (I am not sure exact hours) for Google Analytics to generate the stats for your web site.



    Ok, only set it up yesterday…hopefully be working later today.



    Thanks Kailash1,
    It works!



    Glad to know that it works now 🙂




    I’ve had the plugin installed and setup for about 2 weeks now, and I’m still not seeing anything showing up in GA. Also, it appears the plugin is inserting the GA code multiple times.

    2 weeks and no stats…not good. Can anyone help?

    Hey, docdoug.

    Try this forum entry.

    I was having problems either. My Analytics profile started showing no visitors.

    On the other hand another web site of me which is on the same hosting package is working fine. That irritated me a lot.

    So to give it a try I deleted my Analytics profile for the problematic web page (which was unneccasary) and created a new one. Analytics didn’t recognized the new tracking code for couple of days but after applying what’s on that forum entry Analytics said it’s waiting for data.

    Hopefully it will report my visitor results shortly. Afterwards I’ll post some other experience of me.

    Hope this helps.

    I’ve heard this complaint more and more, it’s something to keep an eye on but unfortunately not something I can fix…

    My analytics isn’t working either. I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating. It’s been weeks too. Any suggestions?

    I have the “UA” and dashes included in the block . . . do I remove them?

    Same problem with me. My Google Analytics still doesn’t show statistics. It’s been installed for days so it should be working.

    problem solved: ‘<?php wp_footer(); ?>’ was not installed in my footer.php file.

    so it takes a day or so before that little caution sign disapears? the one that says tracking unknown? or is that a sign i did something wrong?

    I’m also having trouble with Google Analytics recognizing my site. I think it might be I don’t have'<?php wp_footer(); ?>’ in the footer- from the looks of the posts above. Where do I put that code in my footer file? Sorry, I’m a bit new at all of this! Thanks 🙂

    i only just uploaded it to the folder as the instructions indicated. i have no made any custom adjustments….didnt realize i should have to…crap

    its totally working i think….im getting the green check mark now

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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