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  • Yes me too! The data collected by my Host using AWStats has about 5-10 times as many visitors and page views than show up at Google Analytics.

    If someone knows the answer to this I would also like to know –

    sorry I couldn’t answer your question Zita, and before someone asks, yes the code is in the correct place – in the Header, I checked.

    I’ve found the answer for the mismatch of Awstats and Google Analytics. The main reason why the Awstats numbers are much higher is that Awstats includes all non-human traffic to your site. There are a few other contributing factors, but that is the main one.

    Apparently, Alexa is the least accurate of all – they use different algorithms, which are largely a mystery as far as I can tell.

    Hi Carol,
    Wow, what a persistence you have still working on this issue. But I think in my case this cannot be the whole story, because recently I have more hundred comments on my blog, while Analytics show 1-5 visits. (Only if non-human traffic result that many comments…)I gave up on Google Analytics in this case. I use my webhost inbuilt sats.

    I truly appreciate that you cared and sent this reply to me! – Not to mention that I will try this other two stats.

    Good luck and thanks again!


    No worries, Zita! It sounds like you need……(drum roll, please, Gladys)….Spam Free WordPress plugin by Josh Lahman! It’s a fully automated Spam comment blocker – so far it has blocked 500+ spam comments for me. It works by requiring the commenter to copy/paste some randomly generated code into a text box in order to comment. That blocks automated spammers, but not any humans who can copy/paste something that is right there in front of them.

    As luck would have it 🙂 I’ve posted an article on “Is It Spam and How do You Check” on my website:

    which includes a quick review of various anti-spam plugins plus an explanation of how Spam Free WordPress Plugin works.

    You don’t say which host you use, but the Awstats that I have is included in Hostgator’s cpanel for free. There is also Askimet for spam blocking, but that costs money.

    In general, for overall statistics, I think most people rely on Analytics as their main data resource – less, but maybe more accurate gauge of how your website is progressing, and it’s useful for when/if you set up Adsense on your blog.

    I didn’t realize you were mainly asking about Comments on your blog – originally I thought it was your visitor numbers and page views you were asking about, which is why I posted my answer above.

    Good luck with your blog, I think it’s about as old (young) as mine is – fun, isn’t it?


    Is there a way to view visits by tag using this plug-in without having to filter for the particular tag (e.g., ? What I see in my account using custom segments is a list of tags seemingly grouped by (postacute-lung-injury antibiotics antimicrobial-therapy), so there are multiple tags listed together. In order to see the views for a particular tag, I then have to filter using the tag name.


    Thanks Carol,
    I read your article – and I’ll try the spam blocker, but the original question was about the basic stats and the Keywords: what brings the visitors. I already solved the basics at 1and1, but until now I haven’t found working keyword stats plugin – I tried more -, and was not able link Google Analytics to my site.(Which works excellently with my other site made by CoffeCup, but not with WordPress. Code in header, footer, and the same place as on the other site, php code …)

    I brought up the number of visitors only to support my suspicion: if I have high number of comment in my blog daily – and not all of them is spam – then I probably had more than 3 visitors.

    But now I answer for the other question at the end of your article: yes, I have some times the same spam “When I clicked on the notify me when comment …” At first I looked after them, and I found long list of complaints here somewhere in the Forum – among others some for a year ago. They agreed that this is a spam for various reason – sorry I cannot give you the link it was long ago.

    Someone said that this notification can happen only with a help of a Plugin which has never been installed in my site, so when I see this kind of message I simply put it into the spam folder.

    Yes, blogging is fun, although I am not so keen on training myself in the tech side.

    Thanks for the good tips in your site! – If you know good “what keyword brought the visitor to your site” plugin, please tell me!

    Good luck!

    I have been fighting with the installation of gooogle analytics for wordpress plugin. It absolutely will NOT verify. I do not have access to the HTML or I would edit it that way…is there any other analytics plugin that actually works? I’ve spent 3 hours trying to sort this out and NOTHING works. It comes back with the pink box…Google Analytics is not active. You must select which Analytics Profile to track before it can work. What does this mean? Can anyone help me? email me at if you know of a fix.

    Zita and spurkay I have 2 blogs – one accepted the Joost ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ plugin ok but the other one just would not. I tried and tried and asked around but no luck. So I tried ‘Analytics for WordPress’ by tomatosoft on that blog and it was easy as – worked first time with no hitch.

    Because I have 2 sites, each with different Analytics plugins, I’ve been able to compare the 2, relative, against Awstats (both on that in the same cpanel). As I explained above, the Awstats numbers are much higher than either Analytics ones, but….the tomatosoft are relatively higher than the Joost one.

    I’m going to switch my plugin today so they will both run on the tomatosoft one and see if I get higher stats on the one which is currently on Joost.

    Try the tomatosoft one – it’s really handy to have Analytics info as well as whatever else you use. They give you keyword data, but so does Awstats. Analytics allows you to also see which words in your posts were clicked on, and how often.

    About Keywords: I find that feedback data about leads from keywords not very helpful – way to low to mean anything – from all my sources: analytics, awstats, webalyzer, Alexa. I don’t bother with them except to note that words like ‘and’ and your’ seem to do well – unhelpful.

    If you want to get a lot more info about your blogs, and other people’s, check out an SEO Extension to put in your web browser. There’s one for Google Chrome, and I use the SEObook toolbar which includes all sorts of info including the SEO for Firefox Extension.

    As for spam comments, try the ‘Spam Free for WordPress’ I mentioned above – it’s great, and I think it will stop your comment spam.

    I also have ‘Comment Reply Notification’ plugin – I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for, but check it out. I haven’t had any problems, and it’s a useful service for your readers.

    I don’t have any problem about being informed of new comments (if that is your problem) – wordpress automatically sends me notifications of all new comments to the email address of my choice, set up in the Dashboard.

    I’m sure the main thing is to get your site spam free, set up with good data collection from a couple of sources (I think one of those has to be Analytics), and then…just keep blogging. I’ve spent more time than I like to think about getting these basics working, but I’ve learned a lot in the process.

    Good luck.

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