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  • The plugin seems to be installed properly, and is reporting statistics to Analytics. However, statistics do not appear on the dashboard summary block. Every value displayed is zero.

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  • Tevya


    I have this same problem. The sidebar widget even works fine, properly showing the total unique visitors, but the dashboard widget is all zeros. Please help/fix this!



    bump! Could the creator or anyone familiar with Google Analyticator help us with this issue? Its a great plugin, but its sad that one of the key features is not working.

    Although not very intuitive right now, near the bottom of the Google Analyticator settings page is a Google Analytics profile id box. Enter the account you want displayed in the dashboard there, and see if that corrects your problem. If you need help finding your profile id (not the same as your UID), see:



    When I click that link I get a “does not exist” message.

    So in trying to figure it out, I simply removed the profile ID from that box, and it works great. Apparently I had the wrong thing in there (perhaps the UID?). Now it works great. Thanks!



    Just wanted to say thanks for the great plugin! Now that I know that works I’ll probably use it on some other sites. I’d like to see an option to put total visits, not just unique visitors in the sidebar though. Just an idea.

    I have entered the correct profile ID (according to the description of same at Google) and still I get no dashboard summary.

    Ronald’s support forum is off line and I’m not getting any response to posts. Is this still alive and kicking?

    It still works great for me on several sites. I find that using the google authentication is the easiest way, then you shouldn’t have any profile ID’s or any other ID’s entered anywhere else, just make sure the correct site is selected from the drop-down. My problem came from entering a profile ID after I’d connected the plugin to my google analytics account.

    Yep… that did it. I should have read the earlier post. 🙂

    I removed the profile ID completely and it works now. Strange. Unintuitive. But it works.

    I agree, it’s completely unintuitive. The profile id box is there as a workaround if the drop down doesn’t function properly, and most likely the formatting of the id you used wasn’t correct.

    Sorry about the forums being down. There is currently over 2000 registered spam users that left messages in the span of 48 hours, and it’s been a real pain to clean up. I’m really hoping I can get them back online this weekend, or an alternative at the very least.

    Sorry, none of the above methods seem working.
    The Dashboard Widget ist not showing, there is always

    What is the current status about this issue and the forum?

    My configuration is working fine. As long as the proper fields are filled in with the proper values, this plug-in should work.

    You need to ensure that in the Basic Settings:

    • Logging is enabled
    • You are authenticated with Google
    • Your correct account is selected

    Leave the profile ID in the Advanced Settings blank.

    Everything enabled.
    With and without profile ID, nothing is showing up.
    Everybody else has this problem?

    My dashborad says “No Analytics account selected. Double check you are authenticated with Google on Google Analyticator’s settings page and make sure an account is selected.”
    Google is showing results, but not my dashboard. No profile ID. Using WP 3.0.3 and Graphene theme and wonder if it is overriding Google Analyticator.

    I’d love to know how to fix this, if someone can help!

    viehhiber, is there a chance your web host does not allow outbound connections? Particularly one to on port 443 and port 80? If you’re unsure, create a support ticket with your host and ask. Google Analyticator needs to connect to Google to retrieve the stats.

    dschroed, did you authenticate with Google or did you only place your UID in the settings box? You need to actually authenticate using the link above to UID box for the dashboard widget to work.

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