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  • I’ve got this error too, on all my sites. And none of these are high traffic sites. I don’t understand exactly what this means, and visits to Google Forum posts about the API are over my head. But I get the exact same error message as posted by Jason in all my Dashboard widgets on several accounts.

    I do have 40-60 properties in my Analytics account, but again even with all of these sites combined the traffic is not high by any measure.

    Hi Chad + Jason

    This is a problem with Google and our service. We have had so many people use the plugin, we’ve exceeded the default quota with Google for 50,000 API Calls a day.

    We have a request in to upgrade this – so hopefully this should start working really soon.

    Worst case – it should all start working in a few hours (Midnight USA Time) as the Quota will refresh for the new day.

    All the tracking code / logging will continue to work, just the dashboards / widget wont display.

    Thanks for bearing with us while we go through these teething problems.



    OK – there might be a supplementary issue though as I tried to reset one of the sites and that won’t reset. Possible that the quota exceeded is blocking this also.

    Guys, love the widget, but I’m about to write my own if yours doesn’t cut it. Maybe I’ll get with you all to incorporate a full suite of Webmaster Tools, but most likely, I’ll just release it on my own so I know that it will work.

    Surely, you looked at the API limits and the number of people using the plugin? Updated to the recent version, the UI is nice, very easy to use from a developers standpoint, but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

    And that’s no good for me, pls fix 🙂

    Is it really necessary for the plugin to use the Google API attached to the plugin’s Google account? Isn’t it possible to allow a user to get our API key from Google, then enter that into the plugin and have Google track API calls for each of us? This would eliminate the strain on the plugin’s Google API account.

    It seems that this problem will continue to plague us indefinitely if all that happens is an increase in the call limit from Google for the plugin’s account, since this seems to be the only functional GA plugin and worldwide use of WP is constantly on the rise.

    Perhaps you could allow this as an option for developers using your plugin? How hard is it to get a Google API key for this sort of thing?

    @snoozeulose the limit will be fixed tonight

    @chad Bush I’ve been down the API path before with twitter and I don’t think you or anyone else wants the extra work. I think this unusual and should be ok once all of the GA users blip settles down.

    Because this plugin had been broken for a while and & now in catch up it has showed up a limit that would normally be invisible

    @jason Yes, I just tried replacing a few strings in google-analyticator.php with data from my own Google API and of course everything crashed and burned, so I can see that it’s not as simple as that. And, my accounts are already back up and working now that I restored the plugin to its original state.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work on this!

    Hi Chad, Tks for the shout out but its not my plugin but as I have 34 sites running it as I like the desktop widget and that 30 day snapshot is a good summary for most users.

    My contribution really is to test and keep testing for my customers and for the wider WP community : ) I like it when good plugins get better and this one is on its way…

    Hi Guys,

    Google has just confirmed it has increased our API calls, so this should not be an issue tomorrow or any time soon.


    I get the following is it related?

    There was an Analytics API service error 0:Error fetching OAuth2 access token, message: ”

    @nathmie i would do a reset under the plugin section for GA it shows

    settings | reset| deactivate

    then follow the popup – add those details. It is a separate error and i recall seeing it on another thread.

    For everyone else – this error has now been resolved. I used the reset button just to be sure.

    I tried all that problem still persists. Also tried re-installing.

    Hey Jason 🙂

    Working good!

    Thank You for all your hard work!


    Not working here as I get this message:

    There was an Analytics API service error 403: Error calling GET (403) User does not have any Google Analytics account.

    I do have an account though it was created with a non-gmail email. I’ve tried disable and re-auth a number of times and still no luck.

    Angry and frustrated. It’s usually at this point it gets figured out. Help is and will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Hi Brand – the error “(403) User does not have any Google Analytics account.” explains it..

    the Google account you have authenticated with doesn’t have any Google Analytics accounts attached.

    If you use that same login on I suspect you have none there?

    Try resetting and logging under correct account


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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