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  • Dear Fellow WordPress Users,

    I hope you all will bear with me, as I am a relatively new WordPress User (WP “newbie”) and not really a “coder” / very technical myself, but I am trying to maintain our first WordPress site, ok? …

    I have successfully installed and configured the Google Ajax Search Plugin in the right-sidebar of our pages

    And I really like it!

    However, as you may see, it *insists* on displaying the search field/text box to, and displays the results, the right of the widget title, which you may see at the bottom of the right-sidebar at:

    And …

    I have been searching through the code trying to figure out where and how to fix this behavior, but … ???

    And the developer / dancameron’s support forums look *dead* … only one question and no response to it in 7 months

    So …

    1) Would can someone just tell me where to go to fix this widget displaying like this?

    And …

    2) If we decide we would rather move the whole Search functionality to a separate web page, with just a tab or links to it on the other pages,

    Which you may see my attempt on a new search page at:

    Then …

    What (else) do I need to add to (the HTML of) this page to just get the Google Ajax Search Plugin / the PHP call to < ?php gajaxsearch(); ?> to show up and function properly there?

    Thank you all again for all of your help with all of this!

    And I do hope that other WordPress Users are and/or will benefit from our discussions herein!

    Thank you again and Have a Great Day!

    – Michael

    P.S. the Search facility here does not seem to be functioning properly, as I did a search for “Search” which returned nothing, even though I could see some Postings with this term in their Title, so … ???

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  • Fellow WordPress Users,

    For any other WordPress Users Benefit who may also encounter these issues …

    The Guru (his username) over at the Forum already fixed this issue for us / our site!

    You may read his comments / solution for this issue Here

    You may also find some additional WordPress (WP) Q & A, help, tips and tricks, in that topic as well, which we hope will be of further help and Benefit to all of our Fellow Warriors!

    I can’t say enough Great Things about The Guru and how Great and Helpful he has been in helping us resolve our WordPress issues!

    and, obviously, we would Highly Recommend anyone needing some help with WordPress consult with him!

    Please let him know we sent you, ok?

    We hope this all helps and Have a Great Saturday! 🙂

    – Michael

    The above post from Michael is spam.

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