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  • I have a fresh install of WP 3.0.1 running in MultiSite and Multi Network Mode.

    It works great because on any domain or sub-domain I can put the blog on either the document root or on any top level directory. For example all of the below would work at the same time (each being a different blog)! (Custom built pages at (Custom built pages at (Custom pages at (Custom (Custom (Custom

    Note that every domain name is unique.

    aLanTait.Net has more information on how I did this and is also one of the sites!

    Two Real World WP 3.0.1 Sites in One Install of WP in MultiSite Mode:

    Lan Tait Live! ( Opens in the blog for the default domain name. Click the Site tab to go to non WP pages. (Note I am Lan Tait! Global Translator is working on this blog,)

    FGBMFI Networking! ( and FGBMFI.Net/blog/) Opens in Non WP pages for the default domain name (

    Now I am trying to get Global Translator to work on a number of these. Does anyone have any hack for making GT work in MultiSite mode?

    I actually have seven blogs set up this way but I can only get GT to work on any ONE of them and I want it on at least 4.

    It seems to me the GT plugin is only written for WP in the single site mode or actually for WP ver 2.x

    It also seems the developer has pretty much moved on to some other code work and GT is getting more and more broken reports in WP 3.x.

    Example: I can install almost all plugins the automatic way but had to work hard to make this work on only one site (howbeit that may be a conflict between GT and MultiSite).

    Is anyone interested in a MultiSite Fork of GT?

    I am thinking about doing some serious modifications and streamlining of the code with a group here in the Philippines. So the code would normally auto load in either single or MultiSite mode. This is more than a little work.

    Before we start a fork of GT – I would like to know what, if anything, has been done in this area and is there any interest in this?


    (hey – I didn’t write that on my birth certificate!)

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