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    This is a strange one and i haven’t done allot of testing yet, but i’ll be happy to do so if needed.

    <p>hello world</p>
    above works fine, but…
    <p>[global content block] hello world</p>
    ends up as…
    block content hello world</p>
    where the opening <p> is stripped.
    in this case the content block is plain text and set to ‘general’

    if enclose only the block in ‘p’ tags, it’s fine, but when i combine it with existing text it borks the code somehow, even though the code looks fine in the WYSIWYG and the HTML editor.

    LOVING this plugin though! very cool!

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  • Plugin Author benz1


    Sorry but I am unable to replicate this.

    The following html in a post
    <p>[contentblock id=50 img=form.png] hello world</p>

    where contentblock id=50 is “* This is a test *”

    creates the following output for me:
    * This is a test * hello world

    i think i might have misled you benz1 – the output on the rendered page is fine, it’s in the source code where the opening ‘p’ tag gets dumped, so the source looks like…
    content block hello world</p>
    i’ll do some testing and see if i can’t provide more detail…

    this appears to be wordpress/tiinymce issue – god i hate that editor!

    TinyMCE Advanced plugin helps a bit, but it’s still not retaining the opening <p>

    sorry for the bother

    Plugin Author benz1


    No problem. Can you add the opening <p> into the content block?

    not really an option since it will mess up the code in other places where the block is used.

    what i’m seeing though is this; if i insert a plain text (general) block on a line by itself, then view the source (with TinyMCE Advanced installed), the opening/closing ‘p’ tags are present. however when previewing/updating the page and then checking the source in the browser, they are both gone.

    and then, as previously mentioned, if i insert a block on the same line as existing text, the opening ‘p’ is AWOL when previewing. sometimes the source ends up in the browser source as…
    block hello world<p></p>
    sometimes just the closing tag is there.

    so i’m not really sure what is responsible for stripping the tags.
    what do you think?

    if i add anything before and after the block – even just a dot – then the tags are not stripped. so, apparently, TinyMCE and/or WP simply doesn’t “see” the blocks and so it strips the tags – this explains why only the opening tag is stripped if the content block is the first object on a line with other text. CKEditor produces the same results (i just tried it).

    could you try just putting a plain text block on its own line, as a paragraph, then save/preview the page and look at the source in your browser to see if the tags are there?

    Plugin Author benz1


    The stripping out of tags after you switch to visual mode or save/update is a WP/TinyMCE feature. In fact adding a period the same color as the background is one way to force it to retain a paragraph break.

    I’ve never seen and can’t replicate just one tag disappearing. Sorry but I don’t think this is a GCB issue. Maybe a conflict with another plugin?

    hi ben
    out of curiosity, what happens on your end if you put a plain text block on it’s own line in <p></p>, then view the source in your browser?

    Plugin Author benz1


    Not sure at which point you mean but I get as follows:

    In editor HTML mode:
    <p>[contentblock id=50 img=form.png]</p>

    After switching to Visual mode and back to HTML:
    [contentblock id=50 img=form.png]

    Page source when previewed:
    * This is a test *

    Page source when previewed straight from HTML mode without switching to Visual mode:
    * This is a test *

    Page source after being published straight from HTML mode without switching to Visual mode:
    * This is a test *

    Page source after being published from Visual mode without switching to Visual mode:
    * This is a test *

    In every case, after switching to Visual mode, previewing or publishing, both opening and closing <p> tags are stripped out.

    ok, thanks
    sorry for the bother. knowing the limitations, i’ll adjust accordingly 🙂
    again, great plugin!

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