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  • I’m testing it right now. It seems really, reallllllly ridiculously slow. Maybe bc of SSL.

    Anyone else have this same problem?

    it seems the title of this psot got cut off because of the excessively long plugin name.

    the actual question was in the thread title, namely if it is compatible with wpmu 🙂

    Hi Ovidiu,

    We are currently testing our plugin on WPMU. Please check again in a few days. Hopefully we’ll have a more solid answer by then.

    Miri Oliel

    Hey DeanSmith,

    Can you please send me a link to your site?

    Miri Oliel

    Bane Unreinen


    I’ve been using the plugin for about 2 months now, and overall am very happy with it. About half of the people that register on my site use the Social Network login/registration option provided by Gigya.



    Thanks Bane – that is great feedback and we are happy that it works nicely for you.

    btw – 50% registration through Socialize is nice and a bit higher (but overall consistent) with what we see in other places, including non WordPress sites.
    we also see between 30%-50% overall increase in the rate of site registration with Socialize.



    It seems to have an issue with pre-created accounts.

    I am using it with a WPMu setup and it had no problem creating new accounts with Yahoo, Facebook or Google. But, when I deleted those accounts and added one with my Google e-mail address, it doesn’t redirect back to the main page after logging in.



    Okay, so slight issue with the plugin.

    If you create a user in the blog and then that person with the same e-mail address tries to use the third party login, it will create another user.

    I am going to try one more test.



    Here’s the main issue.

    When a new account is created, it uses the “FirstName LastName” as the username. However, when you create a WordPress user in the admin panel, you can’t have a space in the username.

    Therefor, unless the username of the existing WordPress user is exactly the same as the authenticated user, it will create a new account. And since the WordPress username won’t allow the space, it’s an inevitable that if someone were to switch from using their standard WordPress login to this login, they would create another account.

    Sort of frustrating.



    Hi loganSix,

    Thanks for pointing us to this issue.

    Currently the system doesn’t support that. You either have an existing WordPress user or you create a new user using Socialize, you can’t have them both linked to the same user entity in WP.

    We are working on a version that will allow linking an existing WordPress user to a Socialize user. this way it won’t be an issue


    Logan, thanks for the wonderful feedback regarding the username bug. I’ve taken a look and this affects compatibility with others WordPress components as well, most notably buddypress. If you look at the member viewing ability there, the spaces in usernames cause problems with the member lookup and fetching. Unfortunate that this is happening, but I’ll see what I can do.

    This is definitely an issue that I’d like to see addressed. I’ve been using a facebook connect plugin for a while now and if I switch to Gigya, everyone will get new accounts created. One way to address this would be via the email address and an email hash from the social networking site. For users that registered directly with a WordPress site, email is required and could be used.

    In my case, the fbconnect plugin doesn’t store the email so its not a solution that work in this case. I’d like to see Gigya return the social network user ID and have the WordPress plugin check for a user with that same ID. I get that this would basically be programming it to handle other plugins, but right now its a barrier to people using the gigya plugin. There are only two fbconnect WordPress plugins, and I could tell you how each of them stores the fb user id. I might be able to figure out how to do all this on my own, but it would be much better if it was coded into the core plugin.

    One thing I don’t see mentioned here is that if the user is already logged in to WordPress and then connects with Gigya, it links the two accounts. So just be sure to tell you visiters to login directly first before connecting to gigya if they want their same user profile saved (for comments, etc.). Some of the more advanced sites out there actually will have you connect and then prompt you to log in with your old ID to link them. That would be *awesome* if you guys could build that in.

    For the issue with the user name containing a space, that should be a somple fix. I haven’t implemented it yet, but looking in gs-for-wordpress.php in the function registerNewGigyaUser(), you could change the line that says:
    $user = $nick;
    to be:
    $user = str_replace(' ','',$nick);
    $user = str_replace(' ','_',$nick); if you want to have spaces replaced with an underscore instead.

    First name and last name look like they are filled with the individual fields from gigya and I believe WordPress will default the display name to firstname lastname with a space.

    However, in looking at the code, I don’t think that the gigya plugin actually checks for a match on the user name (user_login field). It only checks if they are logged in directly to WordPress already or not. So removing the space is not going to help with duplicate users being created.

    I have a lot of other suggestions as well and have emailed some to the gigya support desk, but will create a new post on these WordPress plugin forums to get others input.

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