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  • Is there an archival listing somewhere showing all the shortcodes or even PHP commands that can be used to “call in” the calendar or the archives? Is there a Documentation page on your website? Can’t find a clear page just listing shortcodes or tags anywhere.

    The only one I can find digging thru forums is [gig-cal]….help!

    Current problem: When using the “custom” option for “Select a location for the calendars on the page” in Settings….

    How to make the ARCHIVE show up? (the shortcode above makes the calendar show up when it is placed in a Page/Post.)


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  • Gigs Calendar does not register any shortcodes to WordPress. But in gigs-calender.php you can find the reason why your attempt still worked. Search for:

    if ( preg_match_all('~\[gig-cal ?(.*?)\]~', $out, $matches) ) {
      $matches[0] = array_unique($matches[0]);
      foreach ( $matches[0] as $key => $match ) {
        $args = array();
        parse_str(str_replace(' ', '&', $matches[1][$key]), $args);
        $args['upcoming'] = (strpos($matches[1][$key], 'archive') !== FALSE) ? false : true;
        $args['return'] = true;
        $out = str_replace($match, dtc_gigs::generateList($args), $out);

    This part matches everything like

    [gigs-calender (..)]

    so that you can even pass attributes to it.

    So, to answer your question:

    [gigs-calender archive]

    will make the gigs archive appear on any page you put it – same with posts, also.

    Other possible attributes are

    • limit=[int]
    • dateFormat=[short|long|archive]
    • caption=[string] (%20 will work to insert white-spaces)
    • template=[gigs-list(default)|next-widget|upcoming-widget(|custom_templates)]

    Maybe there is even more, but I haven’t checked on these.

    More examples:
    To list five upcoming gigs, simply type

    [gig-cal limit=5]

    To list archived gigs with upcoming-widget-template, simply type

    [gig-cal archive template=upcoming-widget]

    To list upcoming gigs with custom heading and longDate date format, simply type

    [gig-cal caption=My%20Custom%20Heading dateFormat=long]

    I want to be able to just pull 3 show listings on the homepage of my site, but then also have a page of shows listed. The documentation on this is extremely vague. All I want to be able to do is pull bits of show information into a div, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

    As for the modification noted above, would any adjustment to gigs-calendar.php be overwritten with a plug-in update? Love the idea behind this plug-in, just don’t think the front end of it does what I want it to.

    is there a short code to list just the upcoming shows at a single venue? and also is there a short code to list all the upcoming shows for one band?

    @pgsjoe: Do I understand you right, you want to show up three gigs on your startpage (aka home)? In order to to that, you should rather stick to themes that provides a widget area above the content and place your upcoming widget there.
    I’m not sure, if I have understood the second part of your concern. But if you want to pull certain info only, you probably have to query that data and process it yourself. You can start by looking at the SQL-queries made by the function ‘generateList’ in gigs-calendar.php ..

    There are no code modifications that will be overwritten by an update of gigs-calendar when using the ‘shortcodes’ only. If you edit gigs-calendar.php then you are right, though.

    @modesty: Though it’s possible to to that on tours by using
    [gig-cal tour=TOUR_ID]
    currently, there is no easy way for selecting gig by a given venue. You probably will have to take the same approach I noted above.

    I forgot to mention, that there is another way to collect gigs with specific attributes “externally”. The Postlists plugin together with the PL Gigs Calendar Extension plugin can help you to collect the data you want to display.

    As far as I remember my tries, it was possible to retrieve gigs by a specified venue and skip all others.

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