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  • Hi there. I have a plugin that I’m developing and my problem is that WordPress is creating a new (indexed) folder for the plugin every time I reinstall it!

    For example, on first install everything is fine. The plugin (MyPlugin) gets installed into the wp-content/plugins/MyPlugin directory. So I deactivate and uninstall the plugin. I reinstall the plugin through the WordPress backend. This time the plugin gets put into wp-content/plugins/MyPlugin1 directory. Notice the 1 at the end.

    My question is, why does WordPress do this even when the plugin uninstall was successful?

    It turns out that every time I install my plugin, WordPress does not overwrite the old one in the uploads folder, and instead creates a new (indexed) name for it:

    This coincides with the problem mentioned earlier. Any idea how to work around it? It doesn’t seem like WordPress should be renaming plugins like this, unless of course a directory already existed with the same name.

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