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  • Just in case the author didnt notice it…Get Recent Comments plugin doesnt work in WordPress 2.8. Are there any chance to have it fixed as it is one of the most used plugin in WordPress and million of people are using it?


    ps i love this plugin!

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  • Hi france 1972,

    Thanks! What problem do you have with the plugin and wordpress 2.8? I use wordpress 2.8 with get recent comments 2.0.6 on my site. No issues until now…

    Krischan (author)

    First off, thank you for making such a worthwhile plugin. Like france1972 said, its being used my many, many people.

    Having this issue with Wordpess 2.8 and get recent comments 2.0.6…

    The comments do not automatically update themselves on the sidebar. The only way to get the comments to update is to go into plugin options and select “update recent comment options.” You don’t actually have to change anything, but it does re-fresh the most recent comments displayed. It’s a pain to have to do it every day…

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

    Is this fixed yet? I’m not sure if I should look for a different plugin; this one seems good but that’s a pretty serious bug.

    I’ve got the same problem – but I had it before 2.8, and it hasn’t changed since the update, I’m afraid. Recent comments aren’t updated on the sidebar anymore; I have to manually update each and every comment through the ‘edit’ option. After I’ve done that, they do show up. Does anyone know what’s causing this?

    Same problem here on WP 2.8.1 : the sidebar isn’t refreshed when new comments are made.



    Same issue here. I had it working for a few days but now it is again no longer updating unless I go into the plugin settings page.



    working fine here.



    Do you have any insight into why yours is working? If not then its a bit of a pointless and unhelpful post.



    I have just recently upgraded to 2.8 from the legacy 2.0.11. I thought that the recent comments plugin was working in the first couple of days after the upgrade. But as of today, the sidebar doesn’t update unless I go into the plugin settings and hit “update recent comments options”.

    Does anyone know of a better way to deal with this than by going into the settings each day?

    Excuse me for appearing to reply to myself. I asked about this problem on Krischan’s “Get Recent Comments” pages and he suggested the following:

    disable the cache option of the plugin

    That did the trick and the recent comments are now automatically updating on the sidebar of my 2.8.4 wordpress.

    (Go to settings » recent comments » miscellaneous and uncheck “cache the output” that appears near the bottom of the page. )

    Has anyone had any additional luck with this issue? I tried the solution Ilizard recommends, but’s it’s not working for me.

    In fact, it’s a little strange — only comments that I’ve manually approved show up (i.e. comments that were “Pending” first, and I manually “approved” them). Perhaps it has something to do with the Intense Debate plugin?

    Please help!


    Hooray! I was wrong above, the fix DID work. However, it works on a “going forward” basis. In other words, you won’t see the “fix” immediately, as it won’t go back in time to find the most recent comments. However, as soon as the first comment is made on your site, it will immediately appear within the plugin window. Hooray!

    Thanks, Ilizard!

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