1. MAVIC
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I like how this plugin works, but I also want users to be able to override it. So if, for example, they're in Canada but want to see the US content, they can just select the US from a pulldown, image... and then see the US content as they search the site.

    Anyone know an easy way to get this plugin to do this, or another that can do this?


  2. luke@mobiah.com
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Mavic,

    This can be done several ways but most all require a bit of custom coding.

    Because so much of this is dependent on your setup, the high level explanation looks like this...

    Send users through a geolocation gateway or set a geolocation on/off flag.

    FIrst time page load: User requests page, content is geolocated and returned, cookie value is set with their location or TRUE/FALSE that they have been geolocated.

    Subsequent page load: User requests same page or other page with other geo parameter, server checks for cookie, renders or does not render geo content.

    Other option: Provide users an on/off button that changes cookie value to use or not use geolocation stored in cookie.

    Protip: You can access geoposty data points (geozip, geostate, geocountry, etc.) though the do_shortcode function.

    Hope this helps.


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