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  • Hey,
    I have been looking for a while now to see if it’s possible to allow users to update their location from the front end.
    Ideally I’d like to keep all standard users out of the back end but I want to allow them to update their location.
    Does anyone have any idea how to do this or weather it has even been done?

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  • hi,

    i’m in a similar situation. i need registered users to be able to create markers in a map from the frontend.
    I stumbled upon two issues in the geo-mashup documentation:

    i would prefer a solution without tdo mini forms since this plugin is so outdated, but i cant even get it to work with them :/

    maybe these two links are a pointer in the right direction for you 🙂

    I used a completely different plugin to work around this issue.
    I added fields to the profile so a user can enter an address . . Then using This plugin I used the short code directly in the template file and made the template so the users address was printed in-between the short code and there the map is.
    Doing it this way is messy as hell but it allows the user to enter their address in once and then there is no need to add your location on a separate map 🙂
    Hope some of that made sense 🙂

    thats actually a nice workaround!
    sadly not suitable for my problem (have to have the map 🙁 ) but it’s a nice fallback if all else fails.

    thx for your input! 🙂

    Thanks 🙂
    That sucks 🙁
    If you don’t want to use TDO would it be possible to use gravity forms ?
    if not I have a feeling you are going to have to code alot of this yourself 🙁

    i guess i misunderstood some of the documentation in the geo-mashup wiki.
    i don’t need tdo mini forms (hopefully).

    i add “GeoMashupPostUIManager::get_instance()->print_form();” to my own form that i include with a shortcode in a page.

    the only thing i had to change was to add


    to the init function in geo-mashup-ui-managers.php

    it’s not pretty and i still have to get rid of some parts of the form but it’s a start and my day is finally looking brighter 🙂

    Brilliant 🙂
    I’m still gonna stick with my solution though because I have integrated it in a few places on the site.
    Good luck dude 🙂

    I’m using Quick Post Widget for my front end posting. What is TDO? You can enter in short tags and the front end post will record the location?

    TDO Forms
    Its a extremely customizable plugin and is used for creating forms 🙂

    I just wanted a permanent location setting. not one for posts based on their location.

    @omgitscpa brilliant indeed – I’ve just followed your simple instructions and have embedded a map for user geotagging into the ‘Press This’ feature. Works perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing this tip.

    You mentioned getting rid of some parts of the form. I don’t want saved locations (or the ability to create new ones) – is this what you meant, and have you succeeded?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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