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  • Hi!
    I noticed that the pins outside a boundary box (template tag specifying min e max lat e long) do appear on the global map. Plus I also noticed that when the boundary box is specified I get a centering error. The map tends to open with the center I specified located in the left top corner of the map. Not all the time though.
    Thanks for your help in advance!!

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  • PS: The centering error happens regardless of the bounding box being setup

    Plugin Author Dylan Kuhn


    I need to see the template tag code to see if I can reproduce the problem.

    The bounding box parameters are only meant to limit the objects included on the map – they don’t affect the map centering or zoom level. Use the center_lat, center_lng, and zoom parameters for that.

    Regarding the centering on opening: yes I realized, the center is already specified, but it keeps on randomly centering the way I described above.

    Here the code for the bounding box issue:
    <?php echo GeoMashup::map('remove_geo_mashup_logo=true&center_lat=43.1546364&center_lgt=12.4310303&map_content=global&minlat=41.12366 maxlat=44.143731&minlon=9.36073&maxlon=12.325634')?>

    I have a pin set in a spot with higher longitude (but latitude within boundaries) showing up nonetheless.

    Plugin Author Dylan Kuhn


    You have a space between minlat and maxlat instead of an ampersand. If you change it to this does it work?

    <?php echo GeoMashup::map('remove_geo_mashup_logo=true&center_lat=43.1546364&center_lgt=12.4310303&map_content=global&minlat=41.12366&maxlat=44.143731&minlon=9.36073&maxlon=12.325634')?>

    I definitely haven’t seen a map center randomly – the default is to center on the most recent post. If you give me the URL of your map maybe I can get more insight.

    Regarding the boundaries. It worked! I am sorry it was such a stupid thing. I did not copy and paste the code as I had already deleted the original code for testing when you asked me to post it, but I probably had the same error.

    As for the centering issue. It stays, but I have noticed that on a brand-new visit to the map (that is after deleting the browsing cache) it usually centers correctly, whereas after a while it starts to set the center coordinates in the top-left corner of the map.
    I am currently displaying the map in a jquery popup window with lightbox effect. Could that be the issue? I mean the JS conflicting with Google or your JS? Can I send you my link in private somewhere?

    Hi Dylan, is there a private channel I can send you my website link?

    Plugin Author Dylan Kuhn


    I do know that the Google API does strange things if the map element is not visible when it renders. Maybe something with the timing of your popup triggers this problem. You can send the URL to cyberhobo at cyberhobo dot net.

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