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  • Hello

    I have got three languages on my blog and sometimes I want to write the same post (in the same language) in two categories. I have to write it manualy for each language and it takes a lot of time. Is it possible to write posts in two or more languages at the same time?

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  • ShirouJune

    This plugin doesn’t have the function to write post only in one language which is also very necessary for me.

    No suggestions?

    but if you’ve seen the interface, you’ve got all the filling boxes in the same panel without opening a new window or searching for the other language page…

    as simply as to press Ctrl A (select) and do a copy paste in a buzz. I find it really simple and practical. Why not giving it a try?

    I have tried it but when I write post only in one language it automatically creates post for another language “This post isn’t available in this language” or something like this what is quite unnecessary for me.

    Yes, qTranslate stores all language info inside the post body which may be more convenient for editing but isn’t good for several other reasons.
    And that’s why I chose Gengo over it even though Gengo’s the development is stuck.

    The best thing about Gengo is that it uses separate posts for different languages. Which means you can have as many posts in a single language as you wish – just don’t link them to translations.

    As for the message which says “No translations” you can modify the call to the_translations() function:

    <?php the_translations('title_none='); ?>

    And then it will output nothing if there isn’t a translation for the current post.

    Oh, thanks a lot for the tip on Gengo, I am starting to use it, and it will help many ppl too. =)

    I already have a website with a lot of posts and that is why I can’t change gengo with qtranslate. If there is any way to choose more than one language while writting a post it would be very useful for me.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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