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  • Hi, I just upgraded to 2.7 (We’re on windows and IIS) and am experiencing some problems with page links.

    I’ve always used just default permalinks (best on IIS), and did have Gengo set to always append language codes.

    Now the previous posts link always takes you back to the blog homepage. (Its in a subdirectory). The link is of the form “ourdomain/blog/index.php/?paged=2”

    If I manually type it in the address bar, including the “&language=en” then the page displays.

    If I switch off the “automatically append language codes” then the paging works, and language selection seems to work OK, but search results paging doesn’t work – now these take you back to home page. Thats less of an issue, obviously. Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

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  • Gengo don’t support *at all* WordPress 2.7, actually. You should have checked it before upgrading, I’m sorry. Also, please note that Gengo on Windows and IIS has never been tested before.

    You should get your pre-upgrade db backup and downgrade to whatever WordPress version it was; Gengo will not have a stable release in a short time, even if I’m trying to work at it.

    Thanks. Gengo on Windows and IIS has been working very well for us up to now, so long as we stuck to default permalinks.

    Permalinks are a known issue for every Gengo installation, actually. I’m trying to figure out a solution , because I’d like to solve this without breaking the actual URL scheme, but WordPress is making this a little painful.

    Hi pixline. I’ve downgraded to our previous installation, WP 2.6, Gengo 2.53

    Now, although everything should be exactly as it was before, I’m getting a blank white screen, usually after deleting a post, or attempting to delete a translation (it won’t delete a translation from a translation group – just get a white screen). It frequently makes 2 entries whenever we write a translation post, so one of these requires deletion.

    Paging is also not working – the language link is not appending to the next / previous page links, so these just bring up the homepage.

    If I disable Gengo, then the blog gives a server error page.
    If I re-enable Gengo, then the admin gives a server error, but works on refresh.

    I’ve triple-checked and re-uploaded from the backup several times, also the theme files. Any ideas?

    Gengo and Akismet are the only plugins running at the moment.

    Many Thanks

    really don’t know, but I suspect an issue at the init stage, other plugins are creating false errors with gengo as well. I’m trying to investigate the issue.

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