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  • Terence


    Take a look at Social Strategy and I think you will see what’s happening. I have tried to use it with a menu in the header where I have a widget location. Unfortunately a couple of things are going wrong. One is that it doesn’t add the stylesheet and social profile icons for the WordPress custom menu and I only see the standard “URL”, “Navigation Label” and “Title Attribute” – no sign of the Link Target or CSS Classes. Also, in the header there are no icons and the links that it puts there only link to the CSS I put into the Title Attribute box. Plus even though I have only put in RSS and Twitter for a test, its occupying half of my header, which makes it a mess. Any idea what’s going wrong?


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  • Terence


    OK, I think I may have found the solution. Didn’t see anywhere “Click screen options at the top of your screen and check the box next to css classes and link target”. Got that advice from Lindsey Riel at PrettyDarnCuteDesign. So the Icon’s are now showing up in the header and are clickable, but the space being taken by the area they occupy is covering half the text in the header. Is it just a CSS problem or is there something else wrong there? Also the icons appear to be half transparent and the background is coming through and making the hard to see and don’t look very nice.

    Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    Hi Terence!
    Thanx for trying out and using the plugin!
    I am sorry that you had problems figuring out how it works!

    The plugin itself was just an idea to make whole icon-with-wp-menus into a plugin. The advantage is you have the open in new window feature and could use them in various menu locations. The disadvantage is that you might not have as many other options like with widget plugins for social icons…

    So you might try out a smaller size – like 16px or 24px…

    The transparent issue could be addressed via your child theme’s css – just add this to your style.css in the child theme (backup before):

    /** Social Profiles Menu Additions */
    #header a,
    #header li.facebook-prl-s32 a,
    #header li.feed-prl-s32 a,
    #header a,
    #header a,
    #header li.linkedin-prl-s32 a,
    #header li.twitter-prl-s32 a,
    #header a,
    #header li.xing-prl-s32 a {
    	opacity: 0.8 !important;

    The value of 0.8 for opacity makes it a bit more visable – you could also try 0.9

    Note also the !important to overwrite the value from the plugin’s css.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    -Thanx, Dave 🙂



    I eventually figured that all out, but thanks for coming back to me. The plugin (apart from a shaky start) seems to work very well. I had to make a couple of other small tweaks as the widget I used for the menu was in the header and obscured the title and caption…

    #title-area {
           float: left;
           overflow: hidden;
           padding: 35px 0 0;
           *width: 550px;*
    #header .widget-area {
           float: right;
           padding: 50px 0 0;
           *width: 400px;*

    But after that and the reduction of opacity, everything is just hunky-dory!

    Many thanks,


    Just thinking about it, the problem I have is not with the opacity and the differential between on and off states, the issue is the brick red background showing through and changing the colour of the icons to a sort of sludgy brown version of the originals. I would prefer to keep it set to “opacity: 0.7;”, but only if the icons are on a clear background. Is that possible? The background colour they are now on is set by a “body { background: #DA4B1F; }” CSS directive. How can I make the area behind each individual icon revert to clear. I imagine, if possible, that would be relatively easy to include in its own CSS as default.


    I activated the plugin but it does not show up in the widgets. Is it located somewhere else? I also tried deactivating, activating and no changes. Looking forward to using it… Thanks.

    I am really sorry for the delay somehow I mixed it up and the notification of your post got lost…

    Back to the issue: I see it seems not currently active on your site – I am happy to assist you directly – you might contact me at:
    I hope to understand the issue better then and I am also happy to come out with an update!!

    Sorry again, Dave 🙂

    Unfortunately my plugin here has NO widget – it just works with the menus from WordPress itself – just go to “Appearance > Menus” to find out. And then my plugin readme/documentation applies… 🙂

    If you want a widget plugin for these purposes I always recommend both of the below:

    I hope you get this working! I would be happy to help you further!

    Thanx, Dave 🙂

    Hi Dave,

    I was getting such really poor support from the Genesis forum that I won’t ever use Genesis again – and in the change to Headway, having not heard from you, I started to use an embedded script from AddThis, which gives me a little more comprehensive solution. Eventually I will do with that, as I would have done with your solution, and turned the icons it into CSS sprites, in order to help with page load speed.


    Hi again, oh, I am sorry for you that the support wasn’t helpful for you. No problem regarding my plugin it is just an idea for all these social stuff if you have a better solution for you I am just happy! Have fun using Headway and I am curious how your site will turn? 😉
    Thanx again for your feedback, much appreciated!
    -Dave 🙂

    P.S. Yes, with CSS sprites this will be integrated in one of the next big updates but for now I am knee deep in client work…

    The plugin doesn’t seem to work with WP MU.

    I have uploaded it and activated it on the network, but it doesn’t show up in the available plugins on any of the sites.

    Any idea what’s happening?

    It works with MU/Multisite – if you network activate it then it will NOT show on the individual sites but only on the network admin plugin list. That is default with ALL network activated plugins. Mine does nothing special it’s same behavior as with any other plugin.

    Just try to use it. Go to “Menus” – activate CSS classes via “screen options” above and then configure it like stated in readme.

    I hope this helps.

    -Thanx, Dave 🙂

    Yes, I got it to work. Just deactivated it on the network. Never had that issue before. Most plugins have be Network Activated to work on any site.

    And I understand about the CSS classes. 😉 It was the activation that created problems for me.

    Great, that you got it to work!!
    Thanx for using this plugin!

    Have a nice day, Dave 🙂

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