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  • Robbie,

    Have you checked the “index.php” for a hack on the root directroy as 1.8.0 had a hack.

    Don’t know if this will help you… this was posted by me in a different thread:

    The same happend to me yesterday…. unfortunately the install disabled all my database driven sites, Joomla and WordPress, on my shared server. Yesterday’s 1.8 had an “eval” hack in it and modified/rewritten all the “index.php” files in each sites’ root directory.

    Easy solution is to download a fresh install of WordPress to your computer and replace the infected “index.php” file in the root directly with the newely downloaded “index.php” file.

    It’s not enough to delete the “eval” code in the index.php file.. as other parts of the php code could have been subtly changed.

    In my case I did the same for my Joomla sites also.

    Wish the developer was more forth coming in about this hack!

    Also Robbie,

    Take a look at the infected index.php code, you’ll see at the bottom some odd coding…it’s actually part of the eval hack coding and it’s encrypted too:


    Looks like the hack doesn’t change anything other than the index.php files. I hope!

    As mentioned don’t just delete the eval hack code… use a fresh “index.php” from a new download of WordPress.



    Thanks for your reply, JJ

    My index.php is clean. Nonetheless I re-installed the file as you suggest, but no change unfortunately. The site works, but there is no detail in the Simple Hooks settings screen.

    Is there anywhere else I should look?


    I think the best bet is to contact Genesis.



    Hi JJ

    Exactly the same has happened on another site that I run on Genesis, with a different child theme.

    Oh well, I have gone back to 1.7.1 which works well. Thanks anyway.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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