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[Plugin: Genesis Layout Extras] Problem after updating Genesis

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  • @mokona84:
    Thanx for your feedback and using this plugin! 🙂

    I will look into that issue and test again with Scribble theme! In the meantime you can try to re-save your plugin settings. — As with Genesis 1.8.0 a lot of new admin things came under the hood a lot of Genesis plugins had issues that could be solved once resaved settings. If you could please try that it would be great.

    Please report any behavior before or after.

    -Thanx, Dave 🙂

    Hi Dave, I followed your suggestion and saved my settings.
    For homepage layout I had to select “full width content” instead of Genesis default. And by default I already had full width content from Genesis theme settings.

    HELP! When I updated, it took away my automatic posts (“Latest Sports Headlines”) from my homepage!


    Help asap! thanks!

    I assume you updated to Genesis 1.8? And also WordPress to 3.3+ or so?
    In this case it’s obviously the issues with widget handling that were introduced with WP 3.3. You just have to re-drag your widget in the proper widget area or just re-create it.
    It has nothing to do with my plugin which only is supporting the display of layouts nothing more and nothing less.

    I hope this helps a bit – I already saw the sports headlines back on your site – so is it solved or have you still issues?

    -Dave 🙂

    Thanx for the info!
    The problem with that is, that sometimes we have to re-save settings in my plugin or reset it at all. That is all because their are still some issues with layouts saving in Genesis, also with the changes in Genesis 1.8, which regards the layout saving and meta box handling in the backend.

    Since my plugin only uses filters and otherwise fully relying on Genesis functionality I barely have a chance to change things here in a big way.

    I will update the readme/FAQ section in the plugin and also here with the next version.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    -Thanx, Dave 🙂

    Thank you David! Yes, we have found a fix! – Thank you!

    Do you know anything about the menu’s/nav bar? 🙂

    http://www.dwuathletics.com/ – within the “Baseball” drop down I have THREE different “stat options” and only want one!

    The “Baseball stats” is correct – the others are not – and I cannot get them removed!

    Any help and/or ideas is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again

    Sorry for delay!

    Maybe I don’t understand correctly, but I guess your “stats” issue is resolved as I only see one?!?

    Could be more specific if the problem still exists? Does it relate to my plugin still or another issue?

    -Thanx, Dave 🙂

    @daveshine – I need that one main “Stats” to be gone. If you hover over it, another one shows up.

    I only want to keep “Baseball Stats” within that menu.

    Please help! 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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