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    Code Wrangler

    For MailChimp – get your customized form:

    1. Visit and login
    2. Hover over the 2nd big icon (Design Sign-Up Form) and select your list.
    3. – A page that says “Create Form” will appear
    4. Click the “Share It” tab
    5. Click the Create HTML Code for A Small Subscribe Form
    6. Copy the code in the “Copy/Paste into your site” section.
    7. Open Notepad (or similar program for your operating sytem)
    8. Paste the code into Notepad

    At this point, we’ll grab the actual items of code we’ll need for the form. Here’s an example of the form (for my personal blog’s subscribe form):

    In the widget settings, for Form Action, just copy/paste the URL from the <form action=”this part only” part of the linked gist.

    In my case, I would copy and paste only

    For the e-mail field name, I only need the <input type=”email”… name=”EMAIL“…, so I would copy/paste only EMAIL

    On MailChimp, there are no hidden fields, so we would leave that section of the widget settings blank.

    That should be it!

    Last updated: August 22, 2012

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  • Hi.
    Do you have a tutorial for instructions on using Genesis eNews Extended for aweber?

    many thanks

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    Another user, Steve Willats, drafted one. We haven’t finalized it (copyediting, etc), but here ya go:

    thank you so much for a quick reply 🙂

    Hi Brandon
    I followed the instructions that you sent in the PDF to set up Genesis enews extended and tried testing it out.

    The problem I have is that once signing up I am not taken to my Thank you page I created on my wordpress blog, but to an error message 404 page missing.

    I am not sure how to link my thank you page.
    I want my visitors to remain on my website so thats why I created my own Thank you page.

    My website is

    Thank you for your help

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    Hi Jane,

    I can’t access your site to check out what you have posted (it directs me to login).

    For Aweber, one of the hidden fields is used to determine the thank you page. Find the line that has the following, and change the value to whatever the address is of your thank you page:

    <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="http://YOURTHANKYOUPAGE.COM/HERE" />


    Hi Brandon

    I managed to get a MailChimp form working fine except that no button is visible. I’m using the Genesis Minimum v2.0 theme.

    Any ideas on what it might be would be much appreciated…


    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    That’s actually the theme’s design. In your style.CSS, look for display: none; in the renews section. Remove that and you’re good.

    Shoot me a link to your site and I’ll tell you the line number.

    Ok great. Done.

    Quick follow-up: How do I vary the box width, and place the submit button to the right of the box?

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    Just above it…look for the .enews #subbox section. Width by default is at 100%. Make it less. 65% should work nicely if your submit button text is short (like “Go”).

    The submit button will automatically pull up to the right.

    Brilliant. Thank you 🙂

    Hi Brandon. I’ve placed the eNews widget into the Header Right widget area within the Pretty Pictures theme. The box renders but not the submit button.

    Bearing in mind your suggested work-around for Minimum (which worked great) I checked the css but … the eNews css there is much reduced and so I cannot make the same changes that worked for Minimum.

    To get this to work, should I copy the eNews css from Minimum and make the same tweaks?


    I’m setting up my Genesis site with the Streamline child theme and trying to set up with it the Genesis enews extended plugin using Mail Chimp. I see your instructions above about setting up with Mail Chimp, but cannot understand a keystroke of it after the point where I generate the form with Mail Chimp and copy my HTML code.

    As you can no doubt tell I am no programmer. I am also working on a Mac and don’t use Notepad. Could you explain in layman’s terms how to get from the HTML code for my signup form in Word Chimp to activating the plugin. In short: where in heck do I paste the HTML code in the Genesis enews extended plugin? And if that’s the wrong question, then can you walk me through more slowly how to proceed?

    I would very much appreciate it.


    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    When I refer to Notepad, I just mean any basic text editor. I think on a Mac it would be TextEdit, but not sure.

    You won’t be pasting the MailChimp HTML code, just using a part of it. Assuming the typical settings for MailChimp:

    E-Mail Field name = EMAIL
    no hidden fields
    For form action, look in the HTML code. You’ll see a section that says
    form action=”http://somethingsomethingsomething (like line 13 of mentioned above). Copy and paste just the address, everything between the double-quotes after ‘form action=’.

    For me, in the example linked, it is:

    Your code would be similar with something different than “brandonkraft” at the beginning and different values for the ?u= and the id=.

    Paste the complete address into the form action field.

    That should do it. If not, send me a link to your site.

    I did it, Brandon, thanks, and the email signup form now looks as it should on the site, but when I plugged my email address into it to test I got a 404 page. Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Code Wrangler

    That means something is up with the form action field input. What’s your site URL?

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