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  • Hi there!
    Thanks for a great plugin and plugin idea! 🙂

    I would love to see that the plugin is translateable – should be standard anyways!

    And it would be helpful for a lot of themes to set some “Border” options to “none” in the CSS.

    Also, would be great to disable the font stuff optionally — and to have an additional filter for enqueuing more stacks (which would allow to add Google Webfonts 🙂 )

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    Internationalize: I certainly plan to internationalize this. I had a timeline on the release date, so I had to postpone that portion.

    Borders: It would involve a little bit different logic, but I could probably include that in v2.

    Fonts: the plugin currently writes a separate CSS file and sets the CSS to the same defaults as Genesis itself. I plan on adding a ‘default / don’t change’ to the drop-downs so you can leave them alone. Google Webfonts will be included in an upcoming version as well (at least some popular ones, certainly not all 400+ )

    Great plugin! This is going to be super useful for people who want basic Thesis-like design functionality with the Genesis framework. I feel like it’s been a need in that area for quite some time. Great work.

    I thought I’d quickly weigh in with what I think might be a bug. It could just be an issue in my particular setup but I thought I’d report it to see if you can duplicate it.

    When I apply a font stack to the Widget Title, it seems to carry over to the Widget Text. No matter what the setting is for Widget Text it seems to inherit the font from the widget title.

    I also changed the font weight in my widget title to 900 but it stayed at 300 even after clearing my browser cache, etc.

    The only other plugin I have installed is Akismet and I’m running the latest versions of WordPress and Genesis. PHP Version 5.2.

    Again, very nicely done!

    Oh, and if you want to see the site, it’s here:

    Feature request:

    Since this plugin doesn’t load existing theme settings it apparently overwrites existing theme CSS with same plugin defaults every time (does same on reset).

    I think it needs to pick up existing settings, then allow you to overwrite them or not on attribute by attribute basis.

    It also would be good to have blank options available for all the attributes which would allow you to overwrite only the options you want on attribute by attribute basis.

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    @sitesubscribe: it doesn’t overwrite anything in Genesis itself. It writes a separate CSS file. There is no such thing as “default values” for Genesis other than what is in the CSS file in Genesis core.

    The reason it contains the matching values for Genesis is so you don’t have to change (or blank out) anything other than what you *want* to change. If you’ve changed Genesis core, you’re doing it wrong.

    I’m certainly not altering anything in Genesis core.

    I’m suggesting that the CSS file you are writing takes precedence over the existing theme’s styles.css (what I referred to as default values).

    I haven’t used this plugin…but at first glance it seems like when you view the style settings in the admin that the existing theme’s styles.css aren’t accounted for (i.e. your theme’s H1 tag is ‘green’), but some default style settings from the plugin are being represented (i.e. H1 tag is ‘blue’).

    So it then also seems that if you alter a select few of those settings then the other ones you don’t alter may also override some setting you don’t want to change (in this example making your H1 headers ‘blue’, which may not be desired).

    Is this how it works, or can you alter settings attribute by attribute basis and not override the rest that you don’t want to change?

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    @sitesubscribe – I’m sorry, but I can’t actually figure out what you’re asking. Either you’ve changed values or you haven’t. My plugin loads the identical values as the Genesis default CSS values. So if a setting for a particular area (i.e. widget titles) isn’t touched, it will load the same value as the Genesis style.css already has.

    If you use the plugin and have questions, please start a new thread.

    Sorry for not being clear… I think that answers my question (plus a little experimenting with the plugin would help me to understand how it works better, so I’ll give it a try when I get a chance).

    Thanks for the replies.

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