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  • It would be great if you’d update this plugin. With IE 10 coming out soon, it would be nice to also encourage users to upgrade past IE 9, which is still not fully CSS3 or standards compliant.

    Plus, it would be great if the little pop-up didn’t suggest old versions of the “modern” browsers. Chrome is at version 18 now….

    It would also be nice if there were some customization options such as what the main title says, what the body says, and maybe checkboxes to select which browsers you’d like to encourage them to use. I’d personally like to encourage them to update IE, or use Chrome, the rest just give to many options. If the point is really to get them away from IE 8 or prior, giving them 4+ options is just overwhelming for your average user. It would be nice to be able to say “Update IE (the browser you’re using now) to a more recent version here: …. or try out [browser of choice here] for an even better, faster, more secure browsing experience.” Something like that would be ideal.

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  • Hi,

    I agree with you.

    You can always update the language file (in: wp-content/plugins/gecka-ie-warning/languages/gecka-ie-warning-fr_FR.po) with a software like Poedit to change browsers version (or, edit the ie_warning() function, lines 98 to 101 in gecka-ie-warning.class.php.

    If you want, like me, increase opacity of the modal window, change “alpha(opacity=50)” in warning.js.

    If you want to add option “before IE9” (so IE8 + IE7 + IE6…) :

    In the constructor of gecka-ie-warning.class.php (function __construct()), replace:

    $this->settings_version = array( '6'=>__('before IE7', self::Domain), '7'=>__('before IE8', self::Domain));


    $this->settings_version = array( '6'=>__('before IE7', self::Domain), '7'=>__('before IE8', self::Domain), '8'=>__('before IE9', self::Domain));

    And for better performances, move the generated code from header to footer. Remplace:

    add_action('wp_head', array($this, 'ie_warning') );


    add_action('wp_footer', array($this, 'ie_warning') );

    That’s all 😉

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