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  • Resolved Jason Lasky


    I’m using Suffusion which does not create Background function under Appearance.
    It seems the plug-in does not handle themes without that function already in place?

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  • Plugin Author Gecka


    Hello yehoshanah,

    Yes it does, you should have read the doc

    Just add to your theme’s functions.php the following:

    add_streched_background ('background=http://path-your-image')


    I am having an issue with this as well…

    In the theme I use, there is no background function under appearance.

    Can this be implemented without that background function under appearance?

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Gecka



    As I already wrote, you have to add

    add_streched_background ('background=http://path-your-image')

    to your theme’s functions.php file and your done. (replace http://path-your-image with the path to your background image)


    Thank you for such a fast response, and fantastic plugin, BTW.

    I forgot to include a semi-colon to close the statement.
    Your example should read:

    add_streched_background (‘background=http://path-your-image’);

    Interesting now though, the stretched BG covers the other style areas of my style sheet.

    Can you think of anything that may be causing this?

    Plugin Author Gecka


    For the background image not to cover your content you HAVE to wrap your content in a div, give it an ID, and tell the plugin witch is the wrapper.


    <div id="wrapper">
    /* your page content*/

    If you use wrapper as the id, nothing else is needed., If not, tell the plugin about the wrapper ID (see the pageWrapper property here:

    Note that some mandatory CSS rules will get applied to the wrapper (again see

    Great Plugin! thanks. but how exactly insert an array of background? I didn’t find the right solution also on the doc.
    is it like this in function.php:
    [add_stretched_background(“background=Path to first image, path to second image”);] ??
    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Gecka



    First you must know that the add_stretched_background function, like every other WordPress function, accepts its options as a query_string (“key=val&key2=val”) or as an array ( array(‘key’=>’val’, ‘key2’=>val) )

    The documentation says, for the background option: “The background image to show, or an array of background images as full url.”

    So if you want to give multiple background images to the function, you would do this:

    add_stretched_background( array('background' => array('http://image1', 'http://image2', 'http://image3') );


    Love this plugin! Works fine now! Struggling with two things though.

    I’m trying to add multiple background images for a ‘background slideshow’, but the code I put in the functions.php
    add_streched_background ('http://image1');
    doesn’t seem to overrule the background I selected in the ‘WordPress Appearance -> Background’ section.

    And if I try the code (after changing the image URLs of course)
    add_stretched_background( array('background' => array('http://image1', 'http://image2', 'http://image3') );
    it gives an parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’.

    How to get this working?


    @ Hubrecht
    test without typo error and same opened and closed (), copy and past that :
    add_streched_background( array('background' => array('http://image1', 'http://image2', 'http://image3')));

    That works fine here :

    @ljvd, you’re the man! I copy pasted the code from Gecka a couple of replies ago so I supposed it would be ok, but this makes total sense. Works now!

    Hi Gecka
    Sorry but i don’t understand where i have to wrap in div my contenent.
    in witch file?

    I use a Basico theme


    Plugin Author Gecka


    Hi ale_ba

    In header.php add <div id="wrapper"> after the <body> tag

    In footer.php add </div> before the </body> tag

    Hi Gecka.
    in the header php file i add <div id=”wrapper”> after >body> tag and
    </div> in the fooet.php before the </body> tag but the image not appear streeced.

    in the function.php file I add:

    add_streched_background (‘background=’)

    do you know why?


    Plugin Author Gecka


    Hi ale_ba,

    What do you mean by “the image not appear streeced” ?


    Hi Gecka.
    sorry “stretch”;
    i mean that the image not fill the screen size.
    please look at

    than you

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