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  • I’m trying to get the widget to work, and its just not displaying anything. I would liek to use it for multistar ratings, but even tried it with standard and still nothing is displaying. Also in the same vein, we do reviews, and would like to display the the ratings on a page, I insert, set to what I want and again nothing, I get the table header but the ratings don’t show. I made sure to set minimum to 0 as well as not hide any posts.

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  • Widgets are 100% working fine, and are tested extensively. All so far reported problems turned out to be caused by bad configuration. Also, widget display (like everything else) is controlled with templates.

    Well after a little more tinkering it seems I’m having an issue with the plugin and safari. Everything seems to work fine within firefox. Its strange cause I can see multireview stars in safari, but any rating that involves input does not show up and says “GD Star Rating Loading….” however within firefox everything works perfect. I’ve tried it with all other plugins deactivated and still nothing within safari.

    Safari on Mac has known issues with some themes. I don’t have Mac and I can’t test it.

    I am having the exact same problem with the GDstar sidebar widget.

    It was working a while back, but now it is just a blank box. I am using the arclite theme.

    GDragon, dude…first off, be a little more of a SUPPORT for the issue for crying out! Secondly, this is a great plug-in that I myself am utilizing on my site. I used to have this same issue, myself, and there are ways of testing in different browsers without actually having a MAC based computer.

    However, 90% of component errors are usually made by the user, but in this case, it may only be because of the lack of enough rated posts/pages to display any data. Try adjusting the data and Save to account for like you said, a ‘minimal’ amount of posts/pages VOTES to say, ‘1’ in order to utilize the widget.

    Side issue:

    I’m having a heck of a time using the GDragon forum site…primarily your search function. I’m trying to do a search for a topic and no matter how many words or characters I enter…I ALWAYS get back the same message:

    The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words

    I suggest this be looked into to properly make the forum functional, otherwise, users have to weed through hundreds of posts for the information they’re looking for, which almost completely defeats the purpose. Thanks!

    As you may know (or not), support for GD Star Rating ain’t free for some time now.

    On and this one I only check out to see bug reports I can don something about, but premium support is on website. Forum at is phpBB, and I can’t change the way the forum works, but I managed to search even for very common words like ‘the’.

    As for the Safari issue under Mac, I need a real testing now some website that will generate image for me. If someone can test on Mac and tell me how to fix the issue, I will be happy to include the fix.

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