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  • Is it possible to restrict voting with GD star rating to only certain members rather than every member? I have a site in which only certain members are involved with voting and it would be good if the others couldnt vote and muddy the results.

    Also a little thing if anyone can help. Is it possible to hide the ongoing aggregate votes until time had expired on the voting? When users can see how others voted it often influences their votes.

    Many many thanks for any help!

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  • If you look at the GD Star Rating settings page the default vote rule can be set so that only certain types of users can vote on posts and pages, comments, and multis. As for the ongoing aggregate votes issue you might have to write some code for that, offhand I didn’t see any settings for that in the settings menu. Some if/else code in the plugin php file should work. Just not quite sure off the top of my head the code that you would need.

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