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  • I looked in this forum back 3 months and in Google back 3 years, But cannot find anyone with a similar problem.

    The stars rating don’t show in category pages that show all posts as excerpts. Only for individual posts and in front page.

    I am using version 1.9.13 with the Atahualpa theme. I have not updated because it works otherwise quite good and don’t want to break it. Also change log does not indicate this was addressed.

    In Star Settings for Articles, I have these “Auto insert rating code:” options checked “For individual posts” and “For posts displayed in Front page”.

    In settings/categories I have set the star rating for the particular category page to
    articles: users

    Why is the star rating not showing?

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  • I updated to Version 1.9.15 and the star still does not appear. I have set it up to 1 star vote. Maybe I selected this setting but I cannot find where… anyone knows?

    Have the same problem (WP version 3.3).
    In Setting panel on Articles tab checked all this items:
    For posts displayed in Archives.
    For posts displayed on Front Page.
    For posts displayed on Search results.

    But ratings showing only on individual posts/pages. Here is example

    maybe there should be specific code in the theme?

    Hey, hotmailpbpb!
    Good news – you can try to fix it manually like me. Just place in archive.php of your theme this code:
    <?php if(function_exists('wp_gdsr_render_article')){ wp_gdsr_render_article(); } ?>
    Here is how that embedded in my code:

    <?php the_excerpt('Read the rest of this entry &raquo;'); ?>
    <?php if(function_exists('wp_gdsr_render_article')){ wp_gdsr_render_article(); } ?>
    <p class="postmetadata">

    Thanks, templs!

    I found the “the_excerpt” function in a different php file because I guess it depends on the theme. I added your code and it works but unfortunately I am also using the Twitter Facebook share plugin and the star(s) don’t appear after the excerpt but after the Twitter Facebook Share block and it looks weird.

    If you have any idea how to fix it so it appears before the “Read More” button, let me know. But I will look into it since I myself added that button but don’t remember anymore how I did that.

    Hey Templs!

    Nice line of code! Question — What if I ONLY want ratings to appear in posts that are in ONE category specifically?


    —Scott G.

    Hi Scott,
    Try is_category() function.
    For example:
    <?php the_excerpt('Read more »'); ?>
    if(is_category( array( 9, 'blue-cheese', 'Stinky Cheeses' ))){
    <p class="postmetadata">

    For specifying list of categories you can use term_ID 9, or slug “blue-cheese”, or name “Stinky Cheeses”.

    Hey templs thank for the really quick response! I’m getting so frustrated!! Lol! does this go in my archive.php?


    Check it for archive.php first
    If it works try it for index.php, search.php and single.php if needed.

    Nafees BM


    Hey temples
    i have used this code in loop of index file so th I had it set up so it wound grab the rating from a specific post but it’s grabbing the rating for the newest post every time.
    for ex:
    if (function_exists(‘wp_gdsr_render_article’)) {
    wp_gdsr_render_article(858, false);

    I am trying to get the rating function from post number 858 but it’s using the newest post.””

    wp_gdsr_render_article – manual says: “This function call must be within the post loop.”
    Spec for this function:

    wp_gdsr_render_article ($template_id=0, $read_only=false, $stars_set="", $stars_size=0, $stars_set_ie6="", $echo=true)

    That means you’ve set template_id to 858 🙂

    You can check functions descriptions on your site …/wp-content/plugins/gd-star-rating/info/legacy.html

    Try this function:

    wp_gdsr_show_article_rating ($post_id=0, $use_default=true, $size=20, $style="oxygen", $echo=true)

    Do you need only show rating?

    Nafees BM


    hay templs thnaks for your reply.
    yeh i need star rating on homepage. and someone has suggest me this code $post = 858;
    but it isn’t working it giving following output

    and the code which you have given,where i would have to use this code? in index.php loop or post.php loop???

    thanks for info 😉 it worked to my website

    Is there a way to use this code to show multi ratings on every post on a category page? (not excerpts shown, full posts!)

    dev site:

    appreciate any help!

    hi folks,
    please help me on this problem,
    i have installed and setup this plugin and it is working properly, but i logout of my wp site than the ratings stars disappears and only text is displayyed like Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast), i thought this problem is due to voting rules set to author/user only, i have set rule to Every one can vote but still facing same issue,
    i’m confused!
    my site:

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