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  • I just installed the GD Star Rating plugin and it doesn’t seem to be working. The stars appear on the post pages but nothing happen when i roll over them or click on them.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • Ok, I think we are all kinda stupid here, you just cant vote when your logged in as admin. haha…

    @llamaman: your blog and rating on it work fine. If you are unable to vote you would not see rating stars or sending of votes. But, there is a case when rating is work but you can’t click on stars. This case only occurs with Firefox and is caused by some Firefox extension. Which extension I don’t know. This happens when Firefox has a lot of extensions and some of them are messing with javascript.

    @limeboy11: Rating also works fine. It’s not that the admin can’t vote, post author can’t vote by default. But you can disable this, and allow admin or any other author to vote for his own posts. I have started series of posts on using the plugin settings, so you can check it out on official plugin website:

    Setting the post and page rating:

    @limeboy11 – OMG! I’m an idiot! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

    @gdragon – Thanks for the quick response and amazing plugin!! The problem was that I was logged in as the post author.

    If you want to vote, disable the option I mentioned and it will be ok.

    Thanks a lot for the comments I was having the exact same issues.

    My suggestion to the author is to disable that the person who post it cant vote because when we install the plugin we want to test it and we think it doesnt work. 🙂

    I primary use IE but opened Firefox to check and everything wehnt ok. I am now searching on why if I selected little stars I have such a huge them 🙁


    Ok, I can get this option disabled by default. But if the plugin is already installed, upgrading the plugin will not change this option, this will be only for fresh installtions. Or you can use setup tool to reset settings.

    Hello there GDragoN

    Same issue as everyone else. The theme I am using is Atahualpa Theme. With Firefox, the mouseover works fine but I cannot select a star.
    Any other ideas?

    Thank you.

    This issue is discussed a lot, and you can check the official site. If the click is not working, you have javascript error on the page, most likely from some other plugin or theme.

    Hi , But I Dont Think This Problem For Javascript Error .

    I Get This Problem , At 1 ~ 2 April On My Site , The Star Rating Show Correctly , But When I Click On Star Dont Work , And Nothing Happen ( Sorry For My English )

    Before That I Use It Very Easy .

    I Use WordPress Nightly Version ( And Always Update It ) , Latest Version Of GD Star Rating , But Now In My Site Doesnt Work Anymore .

    I Disable Some Of My Plugin , Install WordPress 2.7.1 , Downgrade GD Star Rating , But It Dont Want Work Anymore .

    Can You Help Me With This ?

    If you can’t vote only in FIrefox: this is Firefox only issue, and until Firefox is fixes I can’t help you. Some Firefox plugins interfere with javascript execution and strange things happen.

    If you can’t vote with any other browsers, give me the url so I can check it out.

    I Cant Vote In Any Browser , I Test These Browser , Safari 4.528.1 , Flock 2.0.3 , Firefox 3.0b2 , IE 7 , IE 8 , But In All Of Them I Cant Vote .

    Site Address

    As I said a million times, people check your website in a debuger like Firebug and in 99% of the cases you will find the error in something other than GD Star Rating. There are only few real bugs in the plugin, most of the other problems are caused by something else.

    Rating is not working on your website because whole jQuery subsytem has failed due to an error in external tracking js file. You have so much different javascrip files loading on the website, that something is due to crash it.

    Thanks , I Disable External Tracking For Google Analyticator Plugin , And It Work Again .

    But Why This Happen Now , I Use GD Star Rating My Month Ago With All Of These Plugins , But It Broke In One Day !!!



    I can see the stars in Explorer but not in Firefox??
    Any solutions out there for this problem – Thanks

    It works fine in every browser.

    And once again, reporting a bug involves more info than just this. Describe the problem in more details, because I can’t help you with such a generalized report.

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