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  • I just installed the GD Star Rating plugin and it doesn’t seem to be working. The stars appear on the post pages but nothing happen when i roll over them or click on them.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    Try new version (0.8.0). I will need some more info about the problem: what version of WordPress you are using and what theme? Check my support forum also. All sugestions are welcome.


    I have not been able to get the GD Star Rating to function on my site. I just upgraded to v. 9.9.6. The stars highlight as I roll over them but the vote does not record when I click on a rating. I am wondering if it is the theme? I am using Talian 1.0.

    I will need some more detailed info: php, mysql for starters. Also I have recently had few similar bug reports, that weren’t actualy bugs in GD Star rating but in some other plugins that screwd up the javascript, and since GDSR uses javascript for ajax voting, that could also be a problem.

    You can try disabling other plugins you have until you find the one that’s causing the problems or give me the list of plugins, and I will try to find time to test them.

    Also, if your theme uses javascript, than the theme could be a cause of problems.

    I have a problem, i want to put mthe rating on the top of the posts, how can i do that?, i tried to move the line “<h5><?php if(function_exists(‘the_ratings’)) { the_ratings(); } ?></h5>” in the Single Post (single.php) file of my template, but the result is the same, the rating is still in the bottom of the posts, i’d really like that the structure of the posts will be like this:

    Name of the Post
    Categories: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3
    GD Stars Rating
    Content of the Post

    I hope that you can help me with his.


    the_ratings() is not GD Star Rating function. You need to use function wp_gdsr_render_article() inside the loop. There is a lot of information in user guide.

    First of all, thanks for the great plugin! I just have it installed and it works fine for most parts except one problem. When I try to list “Monthly”(Archive) posts, say October, the stars are not showing the vote count for each post except this: “please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)”

    Front page and individual post worked for me, though.

    I am with 1and1 hosting and the phpinfo is as follows:

    PHP Version 5.2.6
    MySQL 5.0.32

    Can you please provide some url with the example of this so I can check it out.

    Do you use automatic inserting of rating code into posts on archive page or not? Because if it is automatic on all pages code is inserted with one and the same function, and there is no way for this function do behave differently.

    Also, do you use some other plugin that could change archive pages, because right now the posts look like they are stripped from all HTML formating, and that’s why you only see please wait and rating texts.

    Please check to see if any other plugin is dissrupting this, and also tell me how do you add rating code, although my guess is some other plugin.

    Or maybe a theme does something in archive template file?

    It’s possible the theme is doing something to the archive page, but I couldn’t tell which part did it. Since I am using the same default archive widget that came with WP.

    The theme I use is

    Yeah, the theme is the problem. Theme renders only excerpt from the post and the excerpt is stripped from HTML, and that’s why the rating is not shown properly. You can turn off automatic rendering of rating for archive, and than change theme and add php function call for rating stars. There is info about manual functions in the user guide.

    Great stuff. I “think” I got it fixed the right way.. Thanks for your help! 🙂

    I am having the same problem that @mindshare mentioned in his initial question. That is: I just installed the GD Star Rating plugin and it doesn’t seem to be working. The stars appear on the post pages but nothing happen when i roll over them or click on them.

    I am running WordPress 2.7.1 with PHP: 5.2.6 and mySQL: 5.0.67. The plugin version is 1.1.6.

    My url is:

    My Theme is: Day Dream 0.5 and doesn’t have any JavaScript in it (until the GD Star Rating plugin is activated).

    I don’t have an .htaccess file in the directory.

    Also, the GD Star Rating plugin is the only plugin activated at present.

    I have tried installing this on other WordPress installations as well and keep experiencing the same issue. Perhaps it’s my host (Dreamhost)? Do you have any thoughts on what might be causing this?


    Same thing as llamaman, I am using 2.7.1 also, my URL is please email me when someone finds out the answer THANKS!

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