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  • Hi,

    Great plugin,

    Im think ive noticed a bug, if you enable comment ratings throughout the site then it (rating stars) shows up on the post comment pages, but doesn’t show up on the comments on the ‘page’ pages. It just shows on posts comments and not on page comments.

    I think this pluggin might be suitable for what I need it for, can I first ask a question as I haven’t seen any details on this feature which I think would be useful.

    Is it possible to show the highest rated posts/pages within say the last 30 days? Regardless of when the post or page was created. This is different to the inbuilt feature of only allowing ratings of pages or posts created within say the last 30 days.

    An all time list of the highest rated posts/pages would also be of use.
    As would a ‘most rated’ all time list and most rated within say the last 30 days?

    This would be useful to allow users to know which is the most popular posts and pages, both recently and from all time. As would it be useful to know the most rated posts/pages within the last 30 days (month) and all time.

    Lastely, being able to show a posts or pages current rating without the user being able to click or vote on it would also be useful, so just show the stars image of the current ratings. i.e. because you might have a page where you show the current star rating of certain posts but the user has to go to the actual page to vote. Or you might want to show the current ratings at the top of the page, but want the user to vote at the bottom. Something like {showrating_pageid=101}. Where you show the ratings you might not want the user to actually vote there, hope ive explained what I mean, its a feature that is available on WP-post ratings.

    Hope you can help with my questions, happy to donate if this pluggin can be used for what I need it for.

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  • Hi,

    It’s very rare to see comments on pages, so the plugin checks what is WordPress rendering, and activates comment engine only if the current render is post. This can be changed, I will add it to the next version.

    Right now displaying lists of posts and ratings works with time limit on the post creation. It can be done with votes too, but will require much more intese database operations becasue it will go through the log table that can potentialy be huge. Also everything with rating accoriding to most rated in a period can be done, data exists, but as I said, that will have higher impact on database performance. I will add this to my list of features, for one of the next versions.

    Last point is actually already done but maybe not documented well. There is a function that can be called to render only the current rating without voting feature: wp_gdsr_show_article_rating(…). This will render only stars, with no rating text or anything else. I plan to add one more complex function that will render exact rating block with no voting feature. This is actually planned for the next version.

    Check out the user guide (on my blog), it has a lot of info in there, and declarations of all public functions.

    Last month focus was on fixing bugs. Now that’s (almost) done, so I will get to a new features. There should be 2 new versions in december with a lot of new stuff. My intention is to add as many features as I can, so all suggestions are welcomed, and most of them end on my list and eventually get done. This is mostly my free time project, and I don’t have enough free time for it as I would like.


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