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  • I have a custom post-type ‘movies’ which I would like to use the gd ratings plugin on. I do not want to use ratings anywhere else in the site.

    How do I setup gd to only be visible on my movies post-type?

    I’ve seen a lot of plugins in my day, and man this one is a monster. Do you happen to make a ‘newbie’ vs. of this plugin?

    I’d venture to guess that I will never use 99% of what this plugin does.

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  • Current version doesn’t make a difference between post types (except for post and page). GDSR 2.0 when it is released will fully support custom post types (don’t ask when that will be, I have no idea).


    I’m rather looking for the same option… I really dont want to add ranking stars to every posts, just specific ones. How can i achive that? :\
    Or maybe star ranking on only specific category? Is it possible to set this option?

    There are options for this, but they don’t all work with all custom post types in all cases. It’s too much work to change current version to fully support custom post types. GDSR 2.0 will, but current can be made to work with anything, only not directly. I left tons of hooks in the code allowing all sorts of manipulation, and I recently did very complex integration for only one custom post type and it works great.

    Would you mind leaving some general directions to follow on how you applied gd to only one post-type?

    Well, you need to disable auto insertion of rating blocks (plugins settings panel, for each rating type there are auto insert checkboxes), and use functions and insert rating code only for post types you need. WP has function to tell you the post type of the current post displayed or you can use templates specific to post types.

    Can you name this function how to add the multi rating block put in one custom post type?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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