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  • I’m in the process of switching my review site to WordPress, having used Joomla for the longest time. I was just tired of working against badly documented extensions, software not working together properly and nothing really working the way I want it in the end. Enter WP, which is quick and easy to set up. And having had a marvelous experience so far, I’ve run into one tiny problem while using GD Star Rating.

    This being a review site, I want it to display the rating of the author, not of everyone. So here’s my question:

    How do I set it up so that only the article’s author can vote?

    I’ve looked around the official site and while there are a bunch of tutorials, none of them cover this particular issue. I know it can be done, though, because MillaN has said it is possible.

    Help, please?

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  • There is a review feature in the plugin where only author can give rating. It’s already used in bunch of websites and it’s a part of the plugin for some year and half.

    It’s on the post edit page, and you don’t need tutorials for that, and on official website are announcements of the feature made long ago.

    Excellent! Thanks for pointing me into the right direction!

    For all those who are still wondering, here’s how you do it.

    1. Write your article.
    2. Hit “Save Draft”
    3. Click “View Article” and open it in a new tab/window.
    4. Give out the rating.
    5. Switch back to the tab where you were editing your article.
    6. In the “GD Star Rating”-menu to the right side, click on “Post Star Ratings”
    7. Set that to “Locked”
    8. Hit “Publish”

    And the best thing? It takes you about three seconds.

    It’s not how you do it. This is still normal rating. Review ratings are set from the edit panel. The only problem with them is that you need to add them to the page manually (shortcode or function).

    Okay, so this does not work? Or rather, will others still be able to vote?

    And if so, how do I fix it then?

    It doesn’t work as it is supposed to. What you did is added normal rating and locked it out. Plugin implements review system allowing authors to vote. But plugin is not displaying review automatically. Review is set from the post edit page, there are meta boxes added by plugin. Review value can be added to post using shortcode (plugins button with a star on editor toolbar) or using function in the theme code. This has been discussed many times before on my websites, on forums, this is feature implemented more than year and a half ago.

    @ Milan Petrovic

    I just found your plugin, and it looks great.
    I see these boxes and text “Title Votes Rating Review” but I cannot click on them,
    I would like visitors to be able to write reviews etc.
    How does this work

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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