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GD Star Documentation is Cumbersome (2 posts)

  1. selym
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Has anyone else tried to use certain aspects of this plugin, but still failed after trying to follow the documentation over at gstarraring.com?

    I don't mind that there's no free support. To be honest, if the plugin is going to be a major part of my website, I prefer to pay for support (or the plugin itself) to be able to get my questions answered in a timely manner.

    The problem I have is...if the documentation is so confusing that I cannot get even the more simpler things going by following it, why would I ever choose to pay money to the individual who wrote the documentation for support. (no offense meant, just an honest observation)

    I really think this plugin is the best rating plugin out there, but I think certain other rating plugins that aren't as developed and "pretty" are much simpler to understand and implement.

    I'm quite sure with enough time and energy I could figure it all out, but at some point you just gotta put a price on your time and move on. Sorry, just venting...


  2. Micheal Kennedy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    LOL I feel ya. I spent a couple hours trying to figure it out - got a little ways, then said the hell with it. I'll admit it's probably the best ratings plugins, but holy jeez is it ever complicated. You need a Ph.D just to understand it!

    Having said all that, I re-enabled the plugin again because no other plugin seems to do what I want. It's a dilemma, I guess. We'll just have to put in the time in learning it. I read via inside the plugin that the developer is rewriting it or updating it for 2.0 soon - perhaps that will clear things documentation up :S

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