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  • Quick & simple question about this plugin (I hope!)- How do I disable auto-insert of the ratings to posts?

    Also, what’s the code I need to add manually to get it to display where I want it to?

    I’ve already set it up so that only thumbs up/ down displays on my posts which is what I want, but now I just want to position it in a more convenient place.

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  • OK After a few hrs of not being able to find it, I have found out how t disable auto-insertion. For anyone else who wants to know, go here:

    -> settings->articles

    However I still need to know which code I now need to manually add to my theme. I also want to change the thumbs up/ down for just text links (Like/ Dislike).

    Any help greatly appreciated.. even if you can just point me in the right direction.

    <?php wp_gdsr_render_article() ?>


    Page 12 of the user manual.

    Using manual functions Automatic rendering is controlled by plugin. But in many cases you might need to do things ‘your own way’. For this I have created few functions, and more will come.

    Render Article: wp_gdsr_render_article()

    This method will display rendering stars for post or page. This must be used in a post loop or will not work. This is the same as using STARRATER shortcode.

    Render Article: wp_gdsr_render_comment()

    This method will display rendering stars for comment. This must be used in a comment loop or will not work. This is the same as using STARRATERCOMMENT shortcode.

    Render Review Rating: wp_gdsr_render_review()

    This method will render stars for post review rating. This is the same as using STARREVIEW shortcode.

    Render Widget: wp_gdsr_render_widget($widget)

    This method will render widget like content. This method requires a number of parameters. If no parameters are passed, then the default widget parameters will be used. Parameters are in the form of

    For rendering items you can specify exact template you want to use for header of the widget, each item and footer. Template strings can be HTML encoded or not. For this use, I recommend decoded HTML strings. Template can contain specific strings that will be replaced with actual values (hence the template). List of all supported template strings can be found in the next chapter.

    how do I manually insert the thumb rating option in posts wp_gdsr_render_article(); renders stars ?

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