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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to implement an Amazon-style review system (= the comments review corresponding pages/posts). I’ve managed to display rating stars in the comments form and submitted ratings in individual comments for posts but encounter two problems:
    1. Rating in comments form is only shown for post comments – NOT for page comments.
    2. Comment review ratings simply don’t ever get saved… (normal post ratings do)

    I use WP 2.7 and K2 RC7 rev743. I’ve inserted the following code:


       <label for="wp_gdsr_new_comment_review">
       <input type="hidden" name="wp_gdsr_new_comment_review" id="wp_gdsr_new_comment_review" value="<?php echo wp_gdsr_new_comment_review(); ?>"


    <?php if (function_exists('wp_gdsr_show_comment_review')): ?>
                    <?php echo wp_gdsr_show_comment_review(); ?>
                <?php endif; ?>

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  • I will look into this. There were some changes in WP 2.7 that could be a problem, I haven’t had time to test all that yet, but something there could be a problem.

    Hopefully I will solve this soon.

    I have reviewed this problem and the reason this is not working is invalid use of the code. For example of all this you can check out my Starscape theme where all that is implemented. Latest version of the theme:

    To display rating stars in comments form you only need to add this:

    <?php wp_gdsr_new_comment_review(); ?>

    This will render all things need for review rating.

    To display rating you can use something like you have already done, but check out the user guide for the function parameters.

    As for the problem with saving rating everything seams to be working with WP 2.7 also, but I will check it again.

    I have successfully added the Comments Review Rating to my theme, and the rating is displayed along with the comment. The problem now I am facing is that I need to aggregate this rating and display it at the top. Is there any way out? I have been trying different things but have not succeeded yet!

    My aim is the same as described in the first post. I want the users to be able to rate the post only through the comments. So now I need a way to aggregate Comments Review Ratings and display them along with the post.

    Any help will be appreciated 🙂

    There is a function for this. Check the user guide and gd-star-custom.php file.

    Which function aggregates the comment review ratings and displays them for a specific post?

    Do you have some sort of google adsense installed in you user guide 😛
    I have seen many of your posts suggesting the user to see the user guide….it seems to be some mind blowing revenue generation idea 😉

    I had already read the user guide before posting the query but couldn’t locate the function, and it wouldn’t do any harm to you if you name the function here(unless it is a TOP SECRET function on National importance ;-}).

    Anyways….I don’t need it now… i have moved to drupal and am using fivestar rating module….maybe it has less features compared to your plugin but has a much better support!

    All functions for theme integration are in the info files. On the main plugin page you have a link to this info files. I don’t know names of each function and there are more than 20 functions available right now.

    Adsense for user guide (or PDF in general) is a great idea 🙂 .

    i think i need to file a patent for the idea 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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