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  • I’m currently trying to get the ratings so that they show up without a line break at the beginning? Does anyone know what the easiest way to do this is? I am a relative WP newbie, so I would appreciate the names of the specific files/functions I need to edit to make this happen. Thanks!

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  • The whole rating block is within DIV tag. And DIV is rendered in all browsers with line break. If you want to change that you need to use float (not real break there is nothing else) or display: inline CSS element.

    And to do that you need to add custom CSS class to rating block (activate advanced display options on settings page for the plugin to see that) with your own display settings. You can add this custom CSS class to theme style.css or some other CSS loaded by wordpress.

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

    I added the following line to my style.css:

    .ratingblock {display:inline; background-color:blue; }

    However, all it does is turn the rating block blue, and *does not* remove the line break between the ratings and the previous line (and it’s not the fault of the preceding code– I’ve checked with plain text).

    I am at wits end, and would really appreciate your help with this. I would even suggest that you make displaying ratings inline a built-in feature of GD Star Rating. It is common for bloggers to want to display ratings inline next to a bit of text, like a title or a header or so forth.

    It can’t be done as inline feature. Rating must be inside DIV because the rating stars are complicated and have many different parts and floats.

    The thing you are trying to do is dependend on theme and even broser, so I am not sure that it can be done at all. DIV is rather strict element when it comes to positioning and rendering.

    +1 to the same problem.
    I tried to solve it by putting the following dynamic text in the “display text box” under settings <?php the_author() ?> gives <?php echo $band_name ?>'s <?php echo $album_name ?> where band_name and album_names are custom field variables. I found out that Gd stars will not call on global php tags like the_author let alone custom fields from individual posts.

    Bummer… Big Bummer. Please try to make it so it can display inline. It is a real fine script outside that. But designing with a object that will not display inline is tough

    Displaying rating block inline with some other content can be done using CSS. You can add some custom CSS class to rating block, and adjust the style for that class along with the rest of your post to display it inline. But this can’t be done through plugin alone, because this will vary from theme to theme. And there is nothing ‘universal’ I can add to solve that. That’s the problem with CSS/HTML/WebStandards. Sorry, but there is nothing much I can do, and I can’t create styles to fit every theme, this rating block rendered now works with every browser on every theme, and that was the point.

    As for adding php into the display text field, that’s not supported, and is going to stay that way for now, I have that on list of features, but that has low priority, and I just have so little free time these days so I can work on features that are much important to most users.

    In next week or two there will be alternative method for rendering static rating stars (not allowing rating) that can be placed as a single image, but still there is no alternative rendering for active rating block.

    a sample for a particular theme could have been so positively contributing for the community.


    I found a solution and here it is what i have used:

    .ratingblock1, .ratingblock, .ratepost, .starsbar, .gdouter {
    display: inline-block!important;

    .ratingblock {
    margin-top: 0px!important;
    padding-top: 0px;

    .article {
    display: none;


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    There is new templates system called T2. This system will provide totally free templates for everything, so something like this can be done.

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