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  • Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    I will check it. I use Headspace2 myself, and I don’t have any problems with it. But, I use heavily modified Headspace, so maybe I already made changes there.

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    OK, problem is with Headspace2. When plugin gets taxonomies, it’s set to get taxonomies only for default post type post. So, if your taxonomies are registered for other post types, they will be ignored by the plugin. Headspace2 has no support for custom post types, and hopefully author will correct that and fix all the taxonomies and custom post types issues.

    In my modified version of Headspace2 this is patched. I thought about posting patch to the Headspace2 forum and tracker, but all my previous patches have been ignored, and none of them added to the plugin, and some were very useful: tags actions, additional tags.

    I know most of that. I registered in their support forum and saw your posts so I posted here, tagged your plugin hoping to catch your attention.

    Will post a link to this thread on the forums. If it gets ignored for much longer I might ask you to share your mod 🙁

    I was actually happy with AIO Seo but needed to be able to no-follow certain links and the only comparable other choice I found was headspace2.

    Anyway thanks for responding – I will mark this thread as solved its highly unlikely they will reply here if they ignore their own forums..

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    I will release my mod version of Headspace2: I removed support for WP older than 2.8, added new tags for SEO, new filters, support for custom taxonomies and custom post types. But I also removed some things that I have in my plugins and that were causing problems anyway.

    If you want to try it, I will release it in the next 2-3 days on my website. Since I use it on many websites, I will continue to work on it and add (and remove) things from it.

    will subscribe to your feed. thanks

    oh, maybe you can have a quick look at my questions, some are aimed at understanding the plugin some might need some fixing…

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    Headspace2 modded version: gdHeadSpace4 is released:

    seen it and replied 🙂 I was curious as to which features you have removed.


    where could I get support for your modded version of headspace?

    I am getting js errors when editing pages/posts:

    as reported by firebug:

    jQuery("#keywords_1286880809").Counter is not a function Line 1004
    copy_keywords is not defined Line 1

    I can’t click the keywords link, neither the advanced link when editing a page/post.

    I also have a question about the PAGE SETTINGS => ARCHIVES:
    I would like to have a title that looks like: You are browsing the archives for %%here-comes-the-year-or-month-or-day%% | my domain

    unfortunately I can’t find any special tags for displaying %%here-comes-the-year-or-month-or-day%%

    If I leave the title field empty, it will show You are browsing the archives for %%here-comes-the-year-or-month-or-day%% but without my domain added.

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    %%date%% tag is for the date of the archive, it’s been in Headscape2 and in my mod version.

    As for the support, it’s only for premium users on Dev4Press. I made this mod for myself and premium users that also had a lot of problems with Headspace2.

    I released new version of my mod last week with few more fixes, but I am sure that there are more problems that needs to be fixed. Problem you had with keywords on post/page edit is fixed in that version.

    As for the issue you had with Multiple Galleries, I have no idea why that happens and how HeadSpace can affect shortcodes for that plugin. Have you tried original HeadSpace2 or is the issue only with mod plugin. Unfortunatly, I can’t test with all plugins that are out there, but when I find the problem I fix it.

    thx Milan.
    I already have the latest version (4.0.1) and the problem persists as described above. But no worries, I’ll just try my luck again a few versions later 🙂

    Just tried the original version and it breaks the gallery shortcode too 🙁

    Will do some more tests if I find anything else I’ll report here.

    THANKS! Touchwebdesign

    got two PHP warnings from my error.log file, maybe that helps?

    [Tue Oct 12 13:28:08 2010] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  Missing argument 2 for HSM_RssTagline::bloginfo_rss() in /var/www/clients/clientxx/webxx/web/wp-content/plugins/gd-headspace4/modules/page/rss_tagline.php on line 23
    [Tue Oct 12 14:13:50 2010] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/clientxx/webxx/web/wp-content/plugins/gd-headspace4/models/headspace.php on line 173, referer:
    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    Yeah, thanks. I will check this out.

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