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  • Hi,

    I just installed the Garmin-connect widget on my blog-site. Works nicely but as I use this blog mainly for runningactivities, is it possible to add the option that you can choose which last activity-type to show, e.g. running, biking? So that if you do mainly running and occassionally bike, the last run-activity still is showing.

    greetings, Dick

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  • Plugin Author codedrobot


    I’ll see about adding this in a future release.

    Hi Dick, can you provide a link to your website so I can see how it’s working on your site? I have tried to add the plugin to my wife’s website and cannot get it to import the data from Garmin Connect.

    If you look at you can see at the bottom of the right column where it says “Garmin Connect Activities” that is is not displaying the information from Garmin Connect.

    I contacted the developer of the widget but he has not been able to provide an answer as to why it isn’t retrieving the data from the Garmin Connect Website.

    I seem to have met all of the requirements for the plugin to work:
    I’m running PHP 5.2.17
    I have named all of the activities
    In the Garmin Preferences, I have it set to allow “Everyone” to view the activities.

    I’ve also searched the internet and these forums and cannot find any help with it.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide

    Youthman, it’s on where it can be found at the right side of the page under “Laatste runs met Garmin Forerunner 305” . I use widget-style Style 3.

    From the Settings-menu:

    Fill in your Garmin Connect-username/password. Seems that although I have changed the password, it still shows up my latest activities.

    I have put Data source for widget to RSS as API was causing some trouble.
    I’ve also disabled caching as it seemed sometimes that new activities didn’t show up.

    Good luck.

    Hmmm….I just changed mine to RSS and disabled cache but mine is still showing same error. No activities found. Is there something that I am doing wrong in Garmin Connect Website? The preferences are set to “Everyone” and I have the padlock unlocked for each activity.

    Plugin Author codedrobot


    Just replied to your email. Experiencing the same results as you with your account.

    Plugin Author codedrobot


    Just for everyone’s benefit. I think the issue here was that this user had set the “Display Name” to be something different from the user’s login name.

    I’m fairly certain that is what is causing the issue. If this turns out to be true, I’ll work on getting a fix out to support a different Display Name.

    A snippet from my site when using JessicaStevens as Garmin username without entering a password, so I guess the password isn’t being used as in my case it had the original pw, with which I can’t logon anymore to Garmin Connect:

    Laatste runs met Garmin Forerunner 305

    9 mile run
    Running on 8 September 2012 12:59
    14.48 km in 01:37:30

    6 Mile Run
    Running on 7 September 2012 00:47
    9.67 km in 01:04:35

    1.6 Mile Run
    Running on 5 September 2012 11:38
    2.57 km in 00:15:42

    I’ll put the Garmin settings back to user pluim003 (you might try that as well for Jessica’s site).

    codedrobot figured it out! For some reason, if your “Display Name” isn’t the same as your login id, the data will not import. It is working properly now. I just went to your site and made a donation. 🙂

    Thanks guys for your help. I’m just trying to make it as easy for my wife as possible to update her website and this plugin will do just that.

    Plugin Author codedrobot


    Great, glad it’s working for you now. And thanks for the donation.

    I’ll try to get an update out that adds support for the Display Name field.

    Yes, it was user error. LOL. Your plugin works great. Highly recommend it to others.

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