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  • Hi
    I’m using the Plugin Gallery to Slideshow.
    I have to say I’m really impressed with it.
    I’m just wondering if there’s a way to control the interval timing on it, the transitions are a bit fast. Better still, is there a way to stop the automatic slideshow altogether?

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  • If this isn’t possible, is there a way of adding Blueberry or similar to my theme myself, without using a plugin?


    Hi Wambamboo,

    Thanks for the nice comment 🙂 the idea is to keep it simple no-options. Just a quick responsive replacement for the built-in gallery. However I have plans for the following version to allow a few parameters to be passed on the shortcode’s call.

    Kind regards!

    Any update on when this function might be added (specifically being able to stop the slides)

    The value is found in the js folder of the plugin… if you search for “slideshowSpeed: 7000,” on the two scripts in that folder, you can change the value (in milliseconds) between slides.
    So, 10000 would be 10 seconds, and so on…
    Of course, you’d lose those changes if you upgraded the plugin, but that’s the price of quick-and-dirty alterations of plugins…

    Hi Guys,

    Planned for next version, have to deal with some other issues before I put it out there.

    Kind Regards!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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