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  • Having the same problem. Little help?



    Hi Matt,

    I love this plugin, very clean, Very easy to manipulate the CSS. I’m using the latest 1.4.5 so I can put it in the template.

    I just have one snag, after the second image (even on your personal demo site the Image Disappears if you just let it run. Unless the user interacts and interrupts the flow of the script by clicking on another image; if you click to skip, it will run continuously.

    I was trying to debug and see if I could assist in getting it working for everyone, but I figured since you are more familiar with the code, you might know right where to look.

    Thank you Sir for an awesome plugin!



    I am having the same problem.



    Since it hasn’t been fixed and we’re not hearing back I decided to use this plugin instead, it works and runs smoother



    The answer is it wasn’t Matt’s code:

    A bug in the file

    it is v1.8

    go download v2.0 @

    and replace the file.

    Should work!

    i confirm this bug and the fix of twintails



    I can also confirm the bug and fix.

    I can’t tell you how much this helps – thank you Twintails!



    @ichabod1799 the gpp slideshow worked for me, however I couldn’t see the thumbnails. Do you see them?



    @dsided you’ve got to press the thumbnail icon, the 4 squares that appear above the image next to the next button



    Thanks for the fix Twintails, that saved me from having to find another solution.



    @slengteng Yeah, me too; the simplicity of Matt’s code and the ability to easily manipulate the style is why I was so tenacious about finding a solution. I just couldn’t see anything in his code files that was the root cause.

    I highly recommend the built in Chrome debug tools, the ability to record a timeline as the page loaded was what helped me find that the break was in the “jquery.flexslider-min.js”.



    @twintails Hello! i didn’t found the file in the same directory, i’ve found it in gallery-to-slideshow/js/libs/flexslider and replaced with the one you suggest from your link but the slideshow still stops after slide 2. What i’m doing wrong?



    @leowys Sorry you are right
    is the correct directory (I was looking at his build files on his repo)

    I would say verify the “jquery.flexslider-min.js” file you have installed says this at the top
    * jQuery FlexSlider v2.0
    * Copyright 2012 WooThemes
    * Contributing Author: Tyler Smith

    Then clear cache in the browser and re-load maybe?



    @twintails Its working now! It was a cache problem. Thanks for your help!



    Thanks goodness you figured this out, @twintails – I was really relying on this plugin and thanks to you I don’t have to find an alternative.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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