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    Hi Matt…

    Firstly, thanks for producing such an awesome plugin… Have spent hours today trying out various image sliders and yours is heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of ease of use and customization…

    Anyway… I was wondering if it’s possible to remove the link from the main image so it is no longer clickable (just a static image)? Have had a look through the code and the ‘link’ bit all seems tied up with the thumbnails (which need to remain clickable of course)… Was wondering if you could shed any light on this?

    Many thanks in advance


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  • ^^i second this request! somehow disable the link on the main image without ruining linking capability for the thumbnails…



    I’m having the opposite problem – mine doesn’t link by default – and I want it to! What are you guys doing to get links?

    @Isterling03 I’m not sure to be honest! The link functionality is pretty much hard-baked into the code as far as I can see so it should just work! Which images are not link for you – the thumbnails or the main image?

    Plugin Author Matt


    Hi guys,

    To remove the linking on the big images either pass the shortcode attribute link as false link="false" or use the mv_gallery_to_slideshow_attr hook to remove/change the link value.

    function my_gallery_to_slideshow_settings( $params ){
        * file: links to file
        * attachment: links to the attachment page
        * false: removes linking
        $params['link'] = 'file';
        return $params;
    add_filter( 'mv_gallery_to_slideshow_attr', 'my_gallery_to_slideshow_settings' );

    Kind Regards!

    Thank you! 🙂

    Plugin Author Matt


    Hi freakyleaf,

    No problem :))

    Kind Regards!

    When using link=”false” either as a shortcode attribute or in the functions.php the image and the thumbnails disappear completely… Any ideas why would that be? File and Attachment parameters work fine.

    Yes, I have the same problem!
    I try link=false, but the link is always there!!

    any updates to this?

    Same problem here…When link = “false” is used images disappear completely…Works fine with “post” and “attachment”.

    Plugin Author Matt


    Hi Guys,

    Looking into it, meanwhile you can try sending and empty value which should work just fine: link=""

    Kind Regards!



    That doesn’t work either I’m afraid. So:

    link=”false” leads to no images
    link=”” doesn’t remove the link

    Plugin Author Matt


    Hi CarolineElisa,

    Thanks for the heads up. Fix up on 1.4.6, let me know if you have any more feedback.

    To clarify:

    link=”” => links to attachment ( WordPress default )
    link=”file” => links to file ( WordPress default )
    link=”post” => links to post
    link=”false” => links to none

    Kind Regards!

    Hey Matt, any pointers? I’ve created a shop page on my site that has lots of pictures of products. I have inserted captions beneath the images that are links to purchase them. I want to disable the link feature for the actual image but keep the link for the text caption underneath.
    Here’s a link for reference:

    Shop Simply

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