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    I love this plugin, thank you for creating it!

    One issue I ran into, I hope you might be able to lend assistance. I have created 5 galleries with the intention to have 1 different gallery on each page (totaling 5 pages).

    On each page, I have this posted: [print_gllr id=my_gallery_id] with the unique gallery ID (I assume this ID is the gallery=my-gallery etc… being my-gallery in this instance) on the page. Each page has a unique gallery id on it, however, the same gallery displays on ALL pages regardless of ID and it happens to be the last gallery created!

    Any ideas?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have exactly the same problem as jdigital2012.
    After some researches I haven’t been able to find any solution out there, so if anyone has any clue of what is happening, your help be would much appreciated 😉


    A little bit more details, maybe jdigital2012 could confirm that it’s the same for him. In fact even if I put any id beginning with a letter (like [print_gllr id=c]) or a void id ([print_gllr id=]), it will always display the same gallery. Note that it doesn’t work if the id I give is a number (like [print_gllr id=1]). I hope it will help identifying the problem

    By the way, if it isn’t exactly the same for jdigital2012 I’ll create my own topic, but I’m quite sure our problems are identical.

    Hi theree ! I think I found the solution. here I go :

    You don’t want to put the title of your gallery in the id parameter of [print_gllr], but the id the entry has in you database, in the “post” table.

    For instance : assuming that your tables in your wordpress database have the “wordpress_” prefix, the “posts” table in your database is named “wordpress_posts”. So look through this table till you find (order it by date, and then search for the date and time you created the table, it will be faster and easier) the line matching your gallery’s creation (the line where the “post_name” is the name of your gallery).Hint : the “post_type” of this line will be “gallery”, so you can also sort your table by post-type, you’ll find the line having the name of your gallery as “post_title” quicker. Then note the id of the line, and it’s this number you want to put in the id parameter of [print_gllr]. The displayed gallery will be exactly the one you want ^^ (well at least the one having this id in the database ^^)

    Hope it will help you, it solved the problem for me ^^ Dn’t hesitate to ask if you have any question regarding this solution.


    One more hint : I give you here the sql instruction to get the entries you want, just click on “sql” in your database, or smth like that, and paste this instruction than click “run” and you’ll have only the entrancies concerning galleries displayed. Then you’ll just have to find the ones with the right “post_title” input, or the right date input.

    SELECT * FROM [put here your posts-table 's name] WHERE post_type='gallery'

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft



    All what you need to do is to write a correct code:

    [print_gllr id=344]

    (without white spaces and ‘id’ – these are numbers)

    In order to get correct id you need to go to the gallery editing page and you will see this string post=344?post_type=gallery in the URl of the page. You need to take value (344) of the ‘post’.



    Holy cow, you totally solved it for me. What you described was exactly what I ran into (even replacing the name showed the same result, or putting anything in).

    I went into the DB and found the ID, put it in and it worked!

    Also, thank you for going the extra mile and posting the SQL query you used, I used that and it worked great!!

    Thank you!!

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