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  • I love this plugin for its simplicity. However it’s not been updated for ages and so there are new things creeoping in that need sorting.

    How do I exclude the featured image from the galleria? I know who to do it with a normal wp gallery… but not this galleria plugin. ANy help would be appreciated.

    here’s code for a normal gallery (put this in functions.php)

    function exclude_thumbnail_from_gallery($null, $attr)
        if (!$thumbnail_ID = get_post_thumbnail_id())
            return $null; // no point carrying on if no thumbnail ID
        // temporarily remove the filter, otherwise endless loop!
        remove_filter('post_gallery', 'exclude_thumbnail_from_gallery');
        // pop in our excluded thumbnail
        if (!isset($attr['exclude']) || empty($attr['exclude']))
            $attr['exclude'] = array($thumbnail_ID);
        elseif (is_array($attr['exclude']))
            $attr['exclude'][] = $thumbnail_ID;
        // now manually invoke the shortcode handler
        $gallery = gallery_shortcode($attr);
        // add the filter back
        add_filter('post_gallery', 'exclude_thumbnail_from_gallery', 10, 2);
        // return output to the calling instance of gallery_shortcode()
        return $gallery;
    add_filter('post_gallery', 'exclude_thumbnail_from_gallery', 10, 2);

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