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  • The FX-CurrencyConverter plugin is a total vanity plugin. When you try to see the money conversion a large window pops up with the developers advertising. I would recommend the plugin “WordPress Currency Exchange”, but, I had to fix some serious code issues to get this plugin to work. I sent my fixes to the developer in July but they never respond or posted the fixes. So, if you want a working copy of WordPress Currency Exchange feel free to contact me at Good luck.

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  • Downloaded the revised plugin from the above post – great plugin when it actually works right. First and foremost, it actually converts the currency. It also looks ten times better which isn’t essential, but it’s a nice touch. Easy installation as well. Would definitely recommend using the contact info above – – to get the revised plugin.

    Sorry you don’t like our plugin although I am not sure what you mean by the expression total vanity plugin?

    The plugin provides a tool for our affiliates to generate income from their site visitors.

    What you call developers advertising is actually an effective lead generator where a form is processed from a visitors enquiry carrying the site owners affiliate referral code.

    If you don’t like the way the tool works, well hey, use another tool, or better still, develop your own. 100’s of users are please to have it as a central focus of their site sidebar. While your at it; please refrain from using WordPress forums as a platform to promote traffic to your web site which to be frank provides out of date content with little or no relevance to this subject.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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