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  1. Teratoma
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Greetings Fuxy developers. This is an AWESOME plugin, very useful. It's powering my image database site (along with my customized 'Pinterest clone' theme, and a few other great plugins) I intend to make a donation soon because in many ways it's the solution I've been looking for.

    I would like to make a couple of suggestions that I think are probably very simple - they're just a little beyond my skill set or I'd try to code them myself.

    1: I would love to be able to choose a title instead of using the file name. What if, after choosing the image(s), a field appeared to the right of each one, enabling the user to title the corresponding page/post?

    2: I would also love to be able to use URLs of existing online images to take advantage of this plugin's functionality. I'd like to be able to enter a URL and have WP/Images2posts add the image to the library and make the corresponding page/post. And of course give me the option to title the post like in suggestion 1.

    3: As cpokladnik mentioned in another post here, the 'Image Size' function doesn't seem to work. Are we doing something wrong? The only way I can see this working (especially with uploads of varying sizes) is if a field opened up to the right of each chosen image to enter heightXwidth data. But maybe you're already working on this?

    I am a designer - and if you're interested I'd be willing to negotiate a trade - my services in exchange for your implementing these changes into your next update.

    Take a look at my site: http://pins.kevinbyrd.co/boards/kbposters ...it enables me to create custom galleries on the fly using WordPress categories. That link is just one way I can share certain images. The idea is that I can tailor a portfolio for a prospective client simply by tagging relevant posts/images.

    Your plugin makes this easy for me, and I'd like to return the favor!



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