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  • Hi
    I can’t seem to get the calendar to show up any recurring events that are happening on Monday and Thursday. The calendar only shows events that are displaying on Monday but not on Thursday. Like I though they would.

    Thanks and great work on the calendar plugin.

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  • Hi,
    Thanks for your feedback! Could you let me know what version of WordPress, what version of FT-Calendar you’re using? Also, could you give me the exact settings you used for every visible field for your event?

    Sorry for the trouble.



    FT-Calendar Version 1.0.2 and WP 3.1 (Multi user setup)
    here is what I have on the new post page

    here is what the widget looks like

    It has nothing in it even though I think it should have at least one event that repeats on both Monday and Thursday.


    Hi enejb,

    We have a fix for you, you can download it here:

    The actual update will be published soon, along with any other bug fixes we find out about.

    Let us know if you still have any trouble.

    Thank you.

    Great it works. Thanks for the quick fix.
    You guys rock.

    Great plugin. I’ve selected different colors for several calendars I’m using, but instead I’m getting a white background for all the colors I’ve selected – except for the default. Looking in the code it looks like the div is not picking up the style…any ideas?

    <div class=”ftcalendar-event” style=””><div style=””>

    Are you reading the ‘Calendar Label’ color as the ‘calendar color’? It sounds like you’re changing the color of the labels for the different calendars. You can see an example at The different color calendar labels at the bottom correspond with their respective events in the calendar.

    Thanks for the quick response! Here is a link to the test page I’m working on: Yes I did change the Calendar Label color for the different calenders, but the changes are not being displayed…

    Interesting. I see that the CSS is messed up. I’ll have to check and see if its happening when you set the calendar or when the buttons are printed. What browser are you using?

    Could you try doing two things for me?

    1) In the same browser you’ve been using, create a new calendar and give it a separate color than go look to see if it worked. Note if it did or didn’t set the color correctly

    2) Go edit that calendar label color and go back to see if anything changed.

    1. It set the color correctly.
    2. When I changed and updated the color – it was also correct.

    Thinking that I should just start over and maybe that will solve the problem…

    Ok. Let us know if you have any other problems. When I viewed your source code I noticed that it was creating bad CSS. It was using 2 hash marks rather than 1:

    I couldn’t reproduce the error though. If it happens again, let me know what browser / OS you are using and I’ll try to reproduce.

    Thanks Glenn! I’ll let you know if it happens again. Appreciate it.

    My events are not showing in my calendar. It’s such a simple process that I can’t figure what is missing. This is my test calendar. I’ve added two posts and added calendar events. One this month and one in April. Any suggestions?

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t disable MyCalendar yet?? I can’t figure out how to import my events into FT-Calendar, so I didn’t want to deactivate yet.

    Would help if I linked my page Sorry.


    What version of WordPress are you using?

    Try this: Go to FT Calendar -> Calendars, edit the calendar(s) that you have and select a color label. Then hit save. Does this fix it for you?

    It looks like your data is actually on the calendar, the styling is just a little messed up. If you go to the link you sent and hit “CTRL-A” on your keyboard it will highlight the entire page. You should see that the event details are there.

    By the way, we will be working on a MyCalendar importer soon… not sure when, but it’s on the list of to-dos.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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