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  • Resolved Eve Gan


    It is a great plugin, but how to highlight the current date?

    Try to look for its ID to add property but seems the plugin doesn’t assign any for it.

    Been go through every search results of google but no luck yet. Anybody know which code or files I should modified in order to have that function work?

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  • Where do you want to highlight the current date? The full month and week calendar does highlight the current date.

    Hi Layotte,
    Please view this link, it only highlighted the event date (16 & 17), I wish to add a color background for today’s date (21th).

    Hrm… It looks like you found a bug. It should be there. Looking now.

    OK, somehow this bug got introduced… this is what you need to change.

    In /classes/class-shortcodes.php

    Line 427 should be:
    $cur_month = date_i18n( 'm' );

    Line 509 should be:
    $year = date_i18n( 'Y', $str_time );

    Line 702 should be:
    $year = date_i18n( 'Y', $str_time );

    Line 918 should be:
    $year = date_i18n( 'Y', $str_time );

    This should give you the class name “current_day” which was being used to highlight the current day.

    I’ll add this fix to the next bug-fix release.


    Thanks layotte, it works now 🙂

    Hi, Layotte
    First, it’s a great looking plugin :))
    I’m using v1.0.3.6 and I can’t find the lines you’ve specified.
    Can you point out these changes for this version?

    Hi yabyumski,

    You shouldn’t need to do this with the latest version of the plugin. This fix has been applied to v1.0.3.6, so the ‘current_day’ class is already there.


    I’m quite new to WordPress, so can you show me how to do this ‘cos it’s not set up to highlight current date by default.
    Thanks for the quick response.

    It’s OK, I’ve done it… :))
    Best regards, Ilija

    Thanks Ilija, that’s weird, it should already be highlighting the current date by default. What did you do to fix it?


    In ‘single-post-page-shorts.css’ changed background color in
    #ftcalendar-table tr td.current_day {
    background: #FFF7D7;
    #FFF7D7 is “too white” :)))

    Oh, you just want to change the color then.

    You actually shouldn’t edit he single-post-page-shorts.css file, otherwise it will be overwritten when you upgrade. But you can overwrite the CSS by editing your theme’s style.css file (or a custom style.css file).

    Basically you’d use the same code in there, except add !important… like:

    #ftcalendar-table tr td.current_day {
        background: #FFF7D7 !important;


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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