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  • Great plugin, but big problem with display: when I change values in the CSS (includes/css/single-post-page-shorts.css), the values seem to be sticking for a few days, then reset themselves (i.e. the calendar goes back to displaying in its default light-blue way, but my changes are of course still written in that CSS file). Why is this? Is the CSS being pulled from outside the plugin files (maybe a a file on your webserver) or being set in a weird way in the database? I just want to change a few colors and text alignments…
    Thanks, and again: great plugin except for this weird CSS issue.

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  • It sounds like a browser cache issue. But editing the includes/css/single-post-page-shorts.css directly is probably a bad decision as your setting will be overwritten if you ever update the plugin. It’s much better to override the CSS in your theme’s style.css (or a custom CSS script).

    Thanks for your reply. I’m fairly certain it isn’t a cache issue, as I’ve been emptying my cache and refreshing as well as checking in multiple browsers. Editing the plugin’s stylesheet was a decision of necessity: I also tried changes to my theme’s main stylesheet, but these weren’t doing anything (I was even trying them using the Web Developer plugin to see the changes in real time, and nothing was happening using the same markup that does temporarily work if I put it in the plugin’s stylesheets).
    The really strange thing is that what’s worked–making changes just in the plugin’s CSS–stops working after a few days. The changes are still there if I look in the CSS file, but they just cease to have any effect on display.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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