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  • i just messed up my version of it and also trying to find it in order to reinstall it, its an amazing plugin that im completly depended upon:(

    Yes I wonder where the link and website went, should we be worried if we are using the plugin about it being vulnerable or who knows what?

    I’ve been working on a website and tried to validate it and it gave me errors as the $nbsp didn’t contain a ; at the end. I fixed this and re-uploaded the template.php file and suddenly the entire plugin was broken.

    So I visited the author’s site and the WordPress plugins page, but the plugin’s page doesn’t load and I couldn’t find out how to contact the author.

    The website depends on this plugin and I think it’s odd that it’s suddenly missing from the plugin page! Will this be fixed soon? Any information is appreciated, thanks!

    Okay, since there haven’t been any replies to this… Does anyone know of a good alternative to this great plugin?

    I’ve experimented with this plugin, seems to be working ok.

    Featured Content Gallery

    I’m having some problems with the plugin and have been recommended to downgrade to an earlier version.

    So I need the plugin page quite badly myself. Can see that the developers own page is still up:

    Could Jean-Francois Vial, the developer, update the community?

    Plugin Author jeff_


    I’m quite busy at the moment so that I did not saw that the plugin was not in the WP registry… I’m annoyed… I have not been warned by WP staff about that… more than 20k websites was using it… just annoying…

    The plugin will be back soon, I’ll do the necessary during the week.

    I was just looking for this plugin. Does this mean, it will be updated in the plugin catalog this week?

    Tuukka Virtaperko


    Yeah, the ; is missing from the nbsp, and also there’s some issue with wp_footer. I sincerely hope someone can bring the plugin back, because it was good despite the mistakes. I’d like to fix the ; to get my site even to validate, but I’ve looked at the code and can’t find the culprit. Anyone else?



    This is a GREAT plugin!!! I hope it will be back in WP soon. Thank you for all of your work on this plugin. Jeff


    Any luck getting this plugin back into the WP plugin directory?
    I really like this plugin.



    Is there any alternate link to download this plugin?


    Hello, I had this great plug-in, I’m Italian and I’m trying for months to install this plug-in again to my new blog, I do not find it anywhere, you may send it to me via email? thank you: (

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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