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  • The plugin is using some Javascript frameworks that need to be loaded in a certain way. The plugin is using the WP API to do so and that works fine most of time, but there are some times where things dont work, lets troubleshoot :

    Fist thing to do:
    Disable all plugins but this one and see if it is working fine.
    – if yes : one or more plugins are messing up with this one, actvate them one by one and tell their author that their plugins are messing with this one.
    – if not : the theme does not allow the plugin to work fine and you will have to investigate more…

    If the theme don’t allow the plugin to work
    Try the shortcode way to insert the plugin and add the default shortcode into some post content and display this post as a single post : if the slideshow is working fine, the index page of theme is not compatible with the plugin.
    – if you think you can : edit the index.php and header.php of your theme to see what you can do
    – contact the theme author and ask him for help

    Before to post a support question
    Try things into the first chapter of this post and note the result of your investigations.
    Let me know your WP version, Theme name (and URL), eventually email me the url of your WP, some screenshots or the source code of the incriminated pages.

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  • To open a thread and post a support question : please, go there

    Hi Jeff
    I haven’t been able to get your plugin working on either my static home page, or on a single post page.

    I de-activated all plugins except Frontpage-Slideshow, and then I inserted the code on a single page:
    `[FrontpageSlideshow fs_default_link_to_page_link=1 fs_main_height=650px fs_placeholder_height=580px fs_transition=jumpup]’
    On that page I’m getting the four post images I nominated, but they are listed one after another. There is no ‘eye candy’…

    My theme is Atahualpa 3.4.5 and WordPress 2.9.2 and my ID is 3674. I suspect that there might be a problem with jQuery Tools + jQuery 1.3.2, used for the tabs within a post, and which is loaded in my header with:
    <script src=""></script>
    but when I took this out, the problem was the same.

    OH dear I fear I’m not posting in the right area… sorry, can you move the comment? Meantime I’ve found that I have an error on my page:
    ReferenceError: fsDoSlide is not defined so does that mean that the script is not being loaded correctly in the head section?

    I am not the admin 🙂 so I cant move posts…
    Anyway : did you confugure the plugin properly to use the tag ? if yes, you are victim of a bug. Let me know.
    A new release will come during next week I think.

    The preview in the Admin screen looks great, so I imagine it is configured correctly. When I do an ‘Inspect Element’ with Google Chrome, I see most resources listed twice. I’m worrying that when you say ‘bug’ it might have something to do with the computer virus I had this week… Hopefully you just mean a glitch in the code.

    dont worry its a plugin bug that “forget” tu add the javascript code in some particular cases

    Hi Jeff – I’ve installed the latest version but now nothing displays. The preview shows a twirling ‘wait’ picture. This might be because I use WP-Include-File plugin (eg a post contains [include file="/trafalgar/bbos.php"], however there is still other text in the post, as well as an image link eg <img src="/images/maps/bbos.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="600" /> ). I have a static front page, but also used the shortcode ([FrontpageSlideshow]) on … Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m having a similar problem as well. The Admin preview looks fine, it looks fine in Google Chrome (42898), Opera 10.10, and Firefox 3.5.6. However, IE 8 shows no image, with or without compatibility mode. I think this may be limited to in some ways with IE not playing nice (again). I did go ahead and try your suggestions and they didn’t change anything (except running the button text off the screen in all browsers.

    The beta build of the fire district website is at

    WordPress Version: 2.9.2
    Unique ID is: 2992
    Theme: Cover WP 1.4.1 by One Designs

    Let me know if you need more information.

    fixed with latest version

    I just upgraded to and now the slideshow doesn’t show in Firefox 3.6.3 – the loading icon just spins. I’m using the shortcode in the theme templates, and it worked beautifully in WP 2.9.2 and in WP 3.0 until I updated the plugin. It looks fine in the Admin preview. Site (under development) is at Haven’t tried other browsers yet.

    I’m using your Frontpage Slideshow plugin, but had to disable it just now.
    Updates have kept my original configuration working on my wp2.92 inserted with the shortcode method until your latest Version where buttons remained but images and excerpts will not load anymore.

    The ie debug said js error object not supported-
    “jQuery(‘.fs-img’).last().load(function() {fsDoSlide()});”

    Adding to my other post: I disabled and enabled the plugin twice since the error and that didn’t help. I have only one instance of the plugin configured.

    To both jpeirce and excanuck407 : when you got a problem : create a new thread, don’t pollute someone else’s thread….

    anyway : I dont have this error on IE (6, 7 & 8)…

    @jpeirce I’ve just tested your website : slideshow is all ok on IE 6.7.8 FF Opera, Safari, Chrome under Windows and Linux…

    Pollute? LOL
    This topic is “Things to do if the plugin is not working” which is as generic as it gets. Off topic posts could be called pollution if one wanted to be abrasive. Thus, any posts herein are neither pollution, nor off-topic. I have a better solution than posting anew, anyway. DELETE. Find better slideshow or make my own.

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